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18 Sep 2017 Going back to school after an amazing summer can be hard and, like many others, I have mixed feelings about starting my last year of secondary school.
30 May 2016 Okay. Let me apologise that for these past few months, all I’ve been talking about are exams, exams, and exams. Trust me, I wish there was something more exciting happening in my life right now.
07 Mar 2016 Somehow, the wish I made back in Year Two about being ill during exam season suddenly came true when I caught a stomach flu last month. Except I don’t want to skip my exams anymore.
26 Oct 2015 Almost every student dreams of making school days go by faster; they wish they could just press a button and fast-forward to the end of the term.
27 Jun 2014 Summer officially started last Saturday, so we asked our readers what they'll be up to during the holidays. Here are their answers.
20 Jun 2014 Last week was Friday the 13th, so we asked our readers to tell us if they have any superstitions or rituals they do for luck. Here are their answers ...
16 May 2014 Last Sunday was Mother's Day. We asked our readers what they love most about their mothers. Here are their answers …