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17 Dec 2015 Gun violence has always been a problem in the US, and will continue to be if no action is taken.
10 Dec 2015 The infamous Territory-wide System Assessment (TSA) has been shrouded in controversy recently, with parents, teachers, and even Primary Three kids taking to the streets to voice their concerns.
29 Nov 2015 The English Schools Foundation (ESF) is easily the largest international education foundation in the city. It is about to face a test threatening the very fabric of its existence
19 Nov 2015 In US media coverage, Bernie Sanders is gaining a fair amount of attention. He "believes that both the economy and society should be run democratically to satisfy the needs of the general public."
05 Nov 2015 Disputes in Jerusalem over a site holy to Jews as the Temple Mount yet also revered by Muslims as the Haram al-Sharif have led to a wave of violence between Palestinians and Israelis since early October.
27 Oct 2015 Halloween. A worthy festival or waste of time? A fine tradition or a waste of resources? Read the two sides and decide for yourself.
08 Oct 2015 The celebrations on the mainland marking the 70th anniversary of Japan's surrender drew a lot of attention from the foreign press.
10 Sep 2015 Avant-garde, coup d’etat, laissez-faire, fromage baguette … what do all these darned French phrases even mean? Hint: it's not the one which translates to "over-priced pastry".
31 Jul 2015 Few people liked Windows 8, which is probably why Windows 10 is free.
Cadets of a feather: YP cadets Pallas Yiu (left) and Dennis Lui play a game of Mom's Weapon as Brandon and Helen cheer them on.
27 Jul 2015 1949 was an important year. It marked the establishment of something grand, something red: the Lai Chi Kok Amusement Park. Our YP cadets tell us about the day they spent at the park.