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14 Dec 2014 Since the rise of the smartphone, manufacturers of dedicated music players have been struggling to stay afloat. Consumers simply don't see the need to carry an extra device just for music. Sony is trying to change this with their new Walkman.
Under Henry Lui's proposal, a huge neon Coca-Cola billboard would no longer exist.
12 Dec 2014 Capitalism used to be built upon the idea that any individual (or group) would succeed if they worked hard enough. However, this is simply not the case in modern society.
Guards stand at attention during a welcoming ceremony for US President Barack Obama in Beijing.
28 Nov 2014 Sino-US relations are, without a doubt, an important factor in maintaining global prosperity and stability. However, one of the two parties doesn't seem to be cooperating as well as it should.
View of Western Harbour Crossing tunnel and West Kowloon Cultural District from ICC
07 Nov 2014 The Hong Kong government has long been criticised for spending large sums of money on projects which contribute little or nothing to society.
Young Post readers and junior reporters try out Sony's new high-resolution music player.
16 Oct 2014 Some Young Post readers and junior reporters were invited to Canadian-born singer Phil Lam's studio to learn about music production, and also to Sony's Hong Kong office to check out their new high-resolution audio products.
The Occupy Central protests have grown quieter. There is still hope for Hong Kong.
10 Oct 2014 I am a patriot. I was born and raised in Hong Kong and I identify myself as Chinese. I love my country and its people, but my love does not reach the individuals who run it.
26 Sep 2014 News corporations have found it increasingly difficult to reap profits from print media because of the internet. As a result, they turn to the web to regain the lost revenue.
19 Sep 2014 The music industry is always changing. Artists are constantly throwing different styles against the wall to see what sticks with the listeners. Usually, this gives positive results - it's something all artists have done during their career.
18 Sep 2014 A drawing competition in Macau inspires YP junior reporters to learn how its culture is different from the British-based traditions of Hong Kong
Scholarism will not doubt Occupy Central - but what will they achieve?
29 May 2014 Education Secretary Eddie Ng Hak-kim has again caused quite a stir by warning students not to take part in the upcoming civil disobedience campaign known as Occupy Central.