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28 Feb 2019 Grades are not everything; instead of joining the rat race for First Class results, you will be happier if you take things slowly and steadily.
31 Jan 2019 A quick look at the political history of the United States will show that the nation only has its own best interests at heart.
17 Jan 2019 Don’t assume that giving everyone a basic income is a good thing – it’s a line that the right are using to protect their own interests.
06 Dec 2018 Studying for a law degree is an independent pursuit which can be very useful for alternative careers in government or business.
01 Nov 2018 People are protesting the government’s new expensive housing project, but what’s wrong with spending money on improving lives?
11 Oct 2018 If you ever face hostility abroad, it’s best to smile and forget about it. At the end of the day, you’re there to study and develop as a person, and a taste of the “real world” is not a bad thing.
27 Sep 2018 We shouldn't care about social justice issues just because big brands tell us to - after all, they're only trying to make a profit.
21 Jun 2018 Hong Kong should take a leaf out of the mainland’s book and introduce bold policies to tackle the city’s housing crisis.
11 Jun 2018 Summer jobs, where you are being paid to learn new skills and practise old ones, are a great thing to have.
17 May 2018 Taking or being subjected to legal action can be messy and expensive so there should be more legal aid provisions in Hong Kong.