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Cadets of a feather: YP cadets Pallas Yiu (left) and Dennis Lui play a game of Mom's Weapon as Brandon and Helen cheer them on.
27 Jul 2015 1949 was an important year. It marked the establishment of something grand, something red: the Lai Chi Kok Amusement Park. Our YP cadets tell us about the day they spent at the park.
19 Jul 2015 If you're looking for a unique but affordable dining experience, here are seven of the coolest places in Hong Kong you should try.
12-year-old boy Siu Yau-wai (Front) and his grandmother Chow Siu-shuen (Back), arrive the immigration department office in Kowloon Bay. Siu lived in Hong Kong for nine years without documentation.
05 Jun 2015 The case of 12-year-old Siu Yau-wai and his illegal overstay in Hong Kong has broken the internet faster than Kim Kardashian. Many people - including me - feel sympathy for him. His parents abandoned him soon after his birth; his grandmother, who supports him with her old-age allowance, is his only remaining family.
15 May 2015 It’s tough being a political person. I was in the midst of my much-needed revision session when I stumbled upon an article which got me rather hot and bothered.
24 Apr 2015 Hong Kong's property prices have risen to an alarmingly high level. Our city is the second most expensive residential property market in the world, behind London.
22 Apr 2015 Is common courtesy dying in Hong Kong? Two of our junior reporters discuss whether workshops for better manners are necessary.
17 Apr 2015 “Where the internet is, so is the glorious dream,” sang the handsomely-dressed choir of censors. “Tell the world the Chinese Dream is uplifting China.” Those cringe-worthy lines were from the Cyberspace Administration of China’s Internet Spirit anthem.
Some protests against parallel traders from the mainland have turned violent.
13 Mar 2015 Blunt, politically-incorrect, insensitive. These terms have all been used to describe me as a writer. So the idea of me being the omnibenevolent dictator of moral conduct is about as imaginable as Putin being the bringer of world peace.
This metal sculpture of a goat seems to express this year's theme: "Season of Prosperity."
18 Feb 2015 As the Lunar New Year arrives at midnight tonight, a group of YP junior reporters visited a highly unusual art exhibition at the Venetian Macao
13 Feb 2015 The only real beauty in this world is the freedom of speech. But there is a fine line between standing up for your beliefs and suggesting blatant acts of violence.