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Photo enthusiast Henry Lui created this picture using an off-camera flash to partly illuminate the subject's face.
08 May 2014 Many people enjoy lots of different hobbies. Some like to walk their caged birds in a park every day or collect first day issue stamps, while others spend their time painting their phones pink. Photography, on the other hand, is a more complicated, expensive and sophisticated hobby to take up.
08 May 2014 I never really understand Hong Kong protests. The latest one sprang up after a video of a mainland toddler urinating in the street was posted online. Protesters copied the child by squatting in Harbour City while wearing Communist Party hats.
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20 Mar 2014 Hongkongers are very eager for universal suffrage and "true" freedom of speech. But given our attitude towards those with unpopular opinions, it seems we're not ready for it.
A rally in Tsim Sha Tsui demanded a limit on the number of mainland visitors.
27 Feb 2014 I don't like travelling around Hong Kong. I was on the MTR one day when I met a menacing figure who seemed to have a severe addiction to Louis Vuitton bags. She was flaunting a fake leather suitcase just large enough to fit two cans of milk powder. As I pinned my eyes on her gold-plated glasses, her lips parted, revealing teeth tainted in an extraordinary colour comparable to that of her dark Versace-branded heels.