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Some protests against parallel traders from the mainland have turned violent.
13 Mar 2015 Blunt, politically-incorrect, insensitive. These terms have all been used to describe me as a writer. So the idea of me being the omnibenevolent dictator of moral conduct is about as imaginable as Putin being the bringer of world peace.
This metal sculpture of a goat seems to express this year's theme: "Season of Prosperity."
18 Feb 2015 As the Lunar New Year arrives at midnight tonight, a group of YP junior reporters visited a highly unusual art exhibition at the Venetian Macao
13 Feb 2015 The only real beauty in this world is the freedom of speech. But there is a fine line between standing up for your beliefs and suggesting blatant acts of violence.
Jack Ma says "talented people are usually a bit weird."
06 Feb 2015 Alibaba founder Jack Ma outlines his HK$1 billion fund for entrepreneurs in Hong Kong, and explains why failure and being weird helps make a business great.
30 Jan 2015 The long-awaited fall of global oil prices has been greeted with a lot of hurrahs from around the world, particularly the oil-consuming economies.
The coffin of Bernard "Tignous" Verlhac, 57, one of Charlie Hebdo's cartoonists.
23 Jan 2015 I normally like to deliver my pieces in a semi-jocular manner, but this is one time where I have to be completely serious. I read about tragedies in the news every day, but this was the first time I genuinely felt a sense of sorrow.
02 Jan 2015 Happy New Year! We asked our readers what their resolutions are for the new year, and here are our favourite answers …
14 Dec 2014 Since the rise of the smartphone, manufacturers of dedicated music players have been struggling to stay afloat. Consumers simply don't see the need to carry an extra device just for music. Sony is trying to change this with their new Walkman.
Under Henry Lui's proposal, a huge neon Coca-Cola billboard would no longer exist.
12 Dec 2014 Capitalism used to be built upon the idea that any individual (or group) would succeed if they worked hard enough. However, this is simply not the case in modern society.
Guards stand at attention during a welcoming ceremony for US President Barack Obama in Beijing.
28 Nov 2014 Sino-US relations are, without a doubt, an important factor in maintaining global prosperity and stability. However, one of the two parties doesn't seem to be cooperating as well as it should.