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06 Oct 2015 What Would MacGyver Do? … reads a blue wristband that hangs on Daniel Epstein's wrist. A trivial accessory that would go unnoticed by most, it sums up Epstein's way of life.
14 Jun 2014 Dad jokes are hotting up Tumblr and Instagram - some of the lamest, most facepalm-worthy gags you've ever read. Thanks, dads, for your sense of humour, and so much more. Happy Father's Day!
Students who took part in the ESF fundraiser
08 Feb 2014 English Schools Foundation (ESF) students from King George V School, Renaissance College Hong Kong, South Island School and West Island School rocked the stage at Grappa's Cellar last month for a good cause.
Our junior reporters get a close-up look at the Lego houses and winter scenes in the Lego X'mas Village at Times Square.
28 Nov 2012 Ever think of achieving your childhood dream and sharing your hobby with the others? Award-winning Lego builders Andy Hung and Schneider Chung did ...