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24 Aug 2017 School, homework, sleep, repeat. Most of us are familiar with that routine. We know that it’s important to take time out to relax, but with so much always going on, it can be hard to switch off our brains.
13 Jan 2017 From dough to fermentation to shaping, a lot of steps are involved in baking the perfect loaf.
08 Feb 2014 Gadget geek It's lai see season again and, in materialistic Hong Kong, it is hard to resist not owning the latest and swankiest gadgets. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my aunts and uncles are generous enough so that I can buy a new iPhone 5S. Since it makes me feel a little guilty, I'll buy some books, too, so that I stay in my parents' good books.
Top 10 Bruce Lee_L
19 Jul 2013 July 20 is the 40th anniversary of Bruce Lee's death. As a tribute to Hong Kong's martial arts icon, we asked our readers for their favourite Bruce Lee quote.
Connie Talbot is on a tour of Asia.
19 Dec 2012 It would be fair to say 12-year-old singer Connie Talbot has probably achieved more in terms of career than most children her age. Her pitch-perfect performance ...