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YP cadet Leona Chen learned that readers come first.
16 Jul 2015 Taking part in Young Post's two-week cadet programme is the closest thing to being a reporter while still in secondary school.
04 Jul 2015 Even though Hong Kong may appear to be a modern, cosmopolitan city, there are a lot of old traditions that remain popular. Fortune telling is just one of them.
Solar panels provide ZCB with a source of renewable energy
03 Jul 2015 Students are leading the way in making Hong Kong low-carbon, which is something that really, really needs to catch on … or else.
The cat-inspired treats don't contain cat hair and the kitties won't eat try to steal your food.
27 Jun 2015 Summer is here, but with everyone so keen to get out and enjoy the sunshine, it can be hard to find any peace, so we asked our cadets for Hong Kong's best-kept secrets!
18 Apr 2014 To celebrate Easter, we asked our readers what they like best about the festival. Here are the top 10 answers ...
(from left, back row) John Kang, Chris Lau, Mabel Sieh, Joyee Chan with junior reporters (front row) Wayne Yuen, Kent De Jesus, Leona Chen and Charlotte Chan
22 Mar 2013 Young Post and some lucky readers tried out a range of Easter eggs to help you decide what to munch on. The readers also designed and tested customised ...