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03 Mar 2020 Skateboarding artist Mohsan Lin cemented his sense of identity and learned to be independent in his year off from studies.
03 Mar 2020 Read how Yasmin’s experiences during her year off helped prepare her for studying, and for a thriving career.
29 Apr 2015 Do single-sex schools create gender stereotypes or do they reduce the pressure of gender expectations? Two of our junior reporters discuss whether single-sex schools should be compulsory.
Jonny Bowles (left) has directed young people across the globe. More than 600 auditioned for the show, but there were just six roles.
26 Mar 2015 The London West End production of The Sound of Music will be staged at the Academy for Performing Arts in May, starring local students. Young Post's junior reporters checked out the auditions, and this is what they thought.
Junior reporters (L-R) Anushka Purohit, Christy Cheung, Catherine Wang, Annette Kim and Yasmin Subba
19 Mar 2015 Young Post's junior reporters went to the Venetian Macao last week to watch the musical Cats and check out the carnival. This is what they thought …
Fans are expecting big things from Tom Odell next year, with a follow-up album in the works.
02 Dec 2014 "I've always been quite thick-skinned, and I think that's one of the requirements to do this job," says 24-year-old Tom Odell who shot to fame after Lily Allen discovered him in a London jazz club.
26 Sep 2014 Last week, Hong Kong had its first No 8 of the year with Typhoon Kalmaegi, so we asked our readers what's the best thing to do during such times. Here are the best answers ...
22 Aug 2014 August 16 was National Roller Coaster day in the United States, so we asked our readers about their favourite amusement park attractions. Here are the best answers ...
Kim Wolhuter spent much of his time living in the wild among a family of cheetahs for his documentary Man, Cheetah, WIld.
26 Apr 2014 On the day Young Post was supposed to interview him, Kim Wolhuter got stuck in quicksand in the African bush. Luckily for readers, our chat with the daring Discovery Channel host was quickly rescheduled.