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15 Nov 2018 Don’t study abroad just to prove your independence; be happy to have a warm home to return to after a long day at school.
18 Oct 2018 New research suggests that the chemicals used to make sunscreen are bad for coral reefs.
20 Sep 2018 It’s not always easy figuring out what to do after you graduate. Luckily, the summer gives you the chance to work, travel, and discover new things, before you start the next stage of your life.
14 Jun 2018 Anti-bias training for Starbucks staff deserves praise, but America faces a tough battle to eradicate racial discrimination.
04 Jun 2018 Now that I’ve finished my undergraduate studies at the University of Toronto, everyone wants to know what I am going to do next.
24 May 2018 Marijuana has been legal in Canada since 2001, but only for medicinal purposes. This year, the Cannabis Act will change that.
14 May 2018 How much you learn from studying abroad depends on how willing you are to immerse yourself in the culture.
26 Feb 2018 My undergraduate studies at the University of Toronto (UT) will be over in about two months and I cannot help but look back over all the wonderful memories I have made here.
03 Jan 2018 Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are just some of the platforms our generation uses to shed light on social injustices.
04 Dec 2017 By the final year of university, it’s easy to lose momentum and be impatient for it to be over. But this is the exact time you need to cherish.