Hei's YP Get Fit Blog: Week two - Getting all tangled up

Hei's YP Get Fit Blog: Week two - Getting all tangled up

Throughout September reporter Wong Yat-hei will work out at Torq Cycle. In his second week, he's given a workout off the bike!


Working on the TRX was a fun challenge, and very different to riding the bike.
Working on the TRX was a fun challenge, and very different to riding the bike.
Photo: Bruce Yan/SCMP


Turning up the intensity!
Turning up the intensity!
Photo: Bruce Yan/SCMP

It was Sunday morning, I should be in bed, but I found myself on a bus going to Central to ride a stationary bicycle.

This is what I have been doing during the weekends for the past couple of weeks as I continue my month-long workout at Torq cycle for Young Post Get Fit.

Sundays in Central are awfully quiet. Without the usual office crowd, there was only me and another guy in the lift up to the cycling studio. The guy was in sports gear and we were going to the same level, so in no time we started a conversation about cycling in the lift. It turned out he was my coach for the day- Kevin, instructor for the Torq Turbo class.

After I told Kevin about my one month collaboration with Torq cycle, Kevin rolled his eyes and said “Why would you do something like that to yourself?”

I was pretty surprised to hear that from a fitness coach because coaches often encourage you to try to work out, but soon, I understand Kevin’s words.

“Intensity”, “suffering”, and “pain” were the three words Kevin repeated over and over again throughout the 50-minute session: “It is time to turn up the intensity of your bike. Go as hard as you can! Suffer the pain!”

Torq Turbo is a class that simulates the Tour de France. We actually watched a video of riders doing the Tour de France and try follow their rhythm during the session. When we reached a slope or when we were getting near the finish line, Kevin yelled at as to turn up the intensity and ride faster. 

The workout was for both the body and the mind: you have to endure the fatigue of pedalling like crazy non-stop, and also the mental pressure from Kevin who kept yelling at us. It's really mind blowing.

Over the week, I also tried my first off-bike workout: Torqhit, which is a combination of high intensity riding, Total Resistance eXercise (TRX) and exercises on the mat.

I started Torqhit with 20 minutes on the bike and then proceed to off-bike workouts. I was really excited about trying out TRX. I have heard a lot about its benefits, but it's not something you can learn from watching a YouTube video - you need a trainer. TRX is suspension training that uses a system of ropes and webbing to allow the user to work against their own body weight; you can easily hurt yourself if you are not doing it right.

My first attempt at TRX was not too successful. The instructor told me I was holding onto the ropes too tightly, I have to loosen my shoulders and my grip, and use my core and legs muscles more. I don’t think I quite grasped the ieda yet, because the next morning I my back was sore but not my legs.

Honestly, I find it more fun to have something to do besides pedaling, so I am looking forward to more TRX action next week again on Torqhit.


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