25 things you have to do as a teenager in Hong Kong

25 things you have to do as a teenager in Hong Kong

It won't be long before you leave school and enter a new phase in life. Before that happens, be sure to check off a couple of these teen rites of passage


What kind of adventure will you get up to?
What kind of adventure will you get up to?

School will be over in the blink of an eye - you're only young once so get out and live it up while you still can. 

1) Go on a weekend trip to Ocean Park with your friends.

2) Queue up for a ride in Disneyland, if not for the fun times, then for the pictures that you'll get at the end of the ride.

3) Take a ride on the Star Ferry in the evening. Watch as Hong Kong comes to life, and of course, remember to Instagram/ tweet/ Snapchat/ Facebook it to everyone you know, just so they know.

4) Snack on street food (curry fishballs, siu mai and egg waffles) before spending the rest of your afternoon with your beloved tutor. Did someone say something about studying on a full stomach being a bad idea? Yawwwwn!

5) Step into a ring and battle your friends and classmates to bag the best time slots for your tutorials. DSE prep on a Saturday morning? Sounds like a good reason to showcase your deadliest ninja moves …

6) Take part in a civil protest. Make sure your voice is heard.

7) At dinner, play the phone-game with your friends: put all of your phones in the middle of the table and whoever touches their phone first needs to pay for the entire meal.

8) Flood your friends' Facebook feeds with photos of your food. You know you say that you will never ever do this, but there is something about that three-tier Opera cake that just seems too good to eat.

9) Order McDonalds in the middle of the night - just because you know that they'll deliver.

10) Kill time at a cha chaan teng with a few friends during lunch break, because, hey, you're old enough to leave school for lunch now.

11) Hold a ceremonial uniform trashing the moment you're allowed to stop wearing a uniform to school.

12) Buy an armful of clothes in Top Shop just because your student discount is better than having no discount.

13) Same for Sasa. Use your 5 per cent student discount to stock up on all the beauty supplies you'll use this year.

14) Keep going. Use all your student discounts at Festival Walk while you can get away with it.

15) Go to a public library and actually borrow books. That, or book a student study room just because you can.

16) Up for an adventure? Shoot a few arrows at the Leisure and Cultural Services Department's archery class. Students only pay half price!

17) Grab a giant tub of popcorn and binge watch the Disney Channel and Nickelodeon during the weekend.

18) Host a study group at a Pacific Coffee or Starbucks and take up all of the space with your posse.

19) Start and (keep) a diary. Write a chronicle on everything you're doing and everything that's happening. You'll look back in a couple of years, or even months, and smile at all the great memories.

20) Pull a fun (not a study) all-nighter: watch movies, get lost on Wikipedia, chat for hours on the phone with your crush or your BFF.

21) Try to learn a new language to prepare for the backpacking trip you'll do in your 20s.

22) Go hiking. Whether it is Fei Ngo Shan or the iconic Lion Rock, take in some fresh air and enjoy the view.

23) See your favourite band in concert and rock out to your favourite tunes.

24) Get your driver's licence even if you can't afford a car. Or petrol. Or parking. Or tolls.

25) Record a cover of your favourite song and see if you can become a world-famous YouTuber.

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25 things you haveto do as a teenager in Hong Kong


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