No more monkey business, the Year of the Rooster is all about new experiences and chasing your dreams

No more monkey business, the Year of the Rooster is all about new experiences and chasing your dreams

It’s time to put last year’s monkey business behind you, as we dig into what we can expect from the Year of the Rooster


A new year, a new time to chase dreams.
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The Lunar New Year began on Saturday, and will last until February 15, 2018. Chinese astrology says all of us will influenced by the Year of the Rooster’s challenging, zesty energy for the next 12 months.

The Rooster vibe is both practical and powerful. Be bold, but never bossy – pride comes before a fall more easily when you are influenced by the magnetic mojo of this charismatic chicken.

Above all, dream big! The Rooster year rewards an adventurous spirit, so don’t be afraid to go for your goals this year.

The best bit about 2017 is that you won’t be stuck in a rut. There’s no time for lazing around, bawling about your BFF, or wishing you had a wonderful life. The Rooster atmosphere is all about getting up and getting on with stuff.

Put ‘cook new things’ on your list of things to do this year

So, what’s your grand goal for the next 12 months? Don’t have one? Make one. And while you’re at it, grab a notebook and pencil to jot down all the smaller items on your to-do list. Perhaps you want to plant a vegetable garden, spend more time with friends or improve your maths grade.

How will you make these worthy aims happen? Simply, by taking the first step (buying seeds, confirming that coffee date, or not Snapchatting when you should be studying). The reward for getting organised is that you’ll feel instantly successful – and less stressed, too.

Socially, you’re poised to network like there’s no tomorrow. Even if you’re a serious introvert, Rooster energy finds ways to bring people together. It creates opportunities for helping others, manifests magical new friendships, and generally helps build a better community spirit.

This happens on a global scale, too. As powerful and influential as Rooster chi is, it despises dishonesty or cloak-and-dagger antics – so politicians and greedy business types beware! Plenty of people will discover that crime and untruths don’t pay during 2017.


Find your passion in the Year of the Rooster

That’s good news for the world – and those you love. The Rooster demands that we return to a simpler way of life, in which a close-knit group of friends and family share caring values, work hard, and live compassionately.

You’ll reap rewards by being kind, rather than rebellious, and responsible, rather than reckless. This isn’t the year for fantastical flights of fancy or a “me-me-me” approach to school, friends, family and life in general.

So what’s the best way to behave then, for maximum success? In a nutshell, you need to focus on being the “total package”. Take care of your appearance (a change is as good as a holiday), show up on time, keep promises, be helpful (especially with children and the elderly – the Rooster loves that) and always give your best (even if you’re exhausted and grumpy).

Emotions may be all over the place this year as you settle into the Rooster routine, but that’s the challenge: learning to manage your feelings. Rather than joking around or ‘lightening the mood’, which works well in a Monkey year, in a Rooster year, being a mature, calm and honest person will help you tame your temper and feel balanced.

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Great, but is there some sort of master plan to get you through the mixed bag of happy-sad-annoyed-crazy emotions that you may face? Of course. The secret is to say what you mean and mean what you say. Remember how much Roosters hate liars, two-faced types and hypocrites? Well, avoid being one of those – even though you may ruffle some feathers in the process.

Say a close friend is hanging out with a dodgy, undesirable person and you’re convinced that it’s not a good idea. Do you say nothing, or gently voice your view? In the past, you may have let sleeping dogs lie, but this year, Rooster rules, and that means standing up for what you believe in, and speaking your truth (nicely).

There may be long stretches of boredom this year, but that goes with the territory. Roosters favour events, not parties – so you’ll have enough time to clear out your room, finalise that to-do list and do practical things to chase after those goals. This doesn’t mean that you won’t have any fun, obviously; you’ll just be fabulously balanced between work and play.

Top tip for a terrific time this year? Always give your very best – even when you’re brushing your teeth. Being perfect isn’t possible, but making the effort is.

Edited by Sam Gusway

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