Yum yum: review of Greyhound Cafe

Yum yum: review of Greyhound Cafe

We find Hong Kong's hottest eats 'n' treats


The decadent brownie.
Photos: Susan Ramsay/SCMP


The strange thapthim krop.
Photos: Susan Ramsay/SCMP

Greyhound Cafe,

Ocean Terminal (other branches in IFC mall and Festival Walk)

Tel: 2383 6600

Grub: A global mix, with a focus on Thai fusion.

Vibe: Chic, spacious cafe that could be in Paris or Milan.

Who to take: Someone with a credit card! While all the dishes looked great, and we were pushed for time, we would really have liked to try the parfait bar.

A dining companion with a sweet tooth could really cosy up to those cakes, brownies and parfaits, especially when the weather turns a little cooler.

What's hot: The service was prompt and efficient, and the waitress noted that we wanted to make a speedy exit.

Spicy Tom Yum Goong.
Photos: Susan Ramsay/SCMP

We settled for, which was just spicy enough to need a tissue for drizzly noses, but not so hot that we were coughing. The prawn was plump and juicy - served with the head on for those who like the flavour.

The thapthim krop was a bit strange at first because instead of the coconut milk being the focus, it was more like coconut water poured over shaved ice. This gave it a slightly salty tang instead of the sweetness we were expecting, but this version of the famous Thai dessert was still light and refreshing.

What was not: Mango and sticky rice is a standard dessert we always try at Thai restaurants. While the fruit was heavenly, thick, perfumed and smooth, the rice was far too stodgy. Plus, the serving of coconut cream was disappointing, making that part of the pudding inedible.

Mango with sticky rice.
Photos: Susan Ramsay/SCMP

We wanted lava cake, but it was sold out. We were forced, in the name of Young Post, to then order a brownie. It was surprisingly soft and spongy, though not unpleasant. Sadly, the accompanying cream was just the cheap, squirty stuff from a can.

Cost: Thom yum, HK$98, tub tim krob HK$58, mango and sticky rice, HK$68, brownie HK$48.

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