Yum: review of Pheromone Dessert

Yum: review of Pheromone Dessert


All the desserts served here are great subjects for burgeoning photographers
Photo: YP cadet Anson Chan

Pheromone Dessert

Shop 8, G/F, Ngai Hing Mansion, 2-24 Pak Po Street, Mong Kok
Tel: 3998 3412 

Grub: Dessert of all kinds.

Vibe: This two-storey shop features simple white decorations on the walls and warm lighting. Apart from the classical music playing softly in the background, it's pretty quiet, so it's not the sort of place to bring a large group of noisy friends. Head upstairs for the best atmosphere.

Who to bring with: Desserts fanatics. And keen photographers: Pheromone Dessert is awesome, as their dishes all look like art.

Their signature baked Alaska is a mouthwatering treat.
Photo: YP cadet Anson Chan

What's hot: The service: as soon as you walk in, the friendly, attentive staff make you feel very welcome. 

There is a huge range of choices, and everything looks and tastes good, and is reasonably priced. The chef has obviously put a lot of time and effort into planning the dishes. There's everything from waffles and pancakes to ice cream and special drinks (or combinations of any of them), plus a variety of toppings and accompaniments. 

Your most difficult decision is whittling down your choice to just one - the portions are enormous, too, so you probably won't need lunch beforehand. If you want to try a couple of dishes, make sure you're with friends who love to share their food. 

If you are really struggling to decide, try their signature baked Alaska. Another of their best loved items is ice cream with toast. You spread the frozen ice cream on the hot toast, then dip it in chocolate sauce. Amazing.

What's not: You'll probably have to wait at least 10 minutes for your food, as it's made to order, so don't go if you're feeling impatient. They won't serve you water, so it's best to bring your own. And there are no English menus, so make sure at least one of your group can read Chinese.

Cost: Drinks from HK$23 to HK$39; baked Alaska is HK$52 to HK$62. Toast with ice cream, from HK$38 to HK$68. Waffles with ice cream, are HK$52 to HK$58, souffle is HK$45 to HK$52 and cakes are HK$38 to HK$42


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