Yum: review of Munchies

Yum: review of Munchies


Munchies is hidden in the matrix of Sheung Wan.


The delicious doughnut ice cream sandwich was impossible to put down.


4 Shin Hing Street
Sheung Wan
Email: hungry@munchies.hk 

Grub: Cookies, doughnuts, organic ice cream - plus doughnut and cookie ice cream sandwiches.

Vibe: The whole place is painted black, with several hand drawn emoji-like doodles of muffins, ice cream and the like on the walls - similar to a chalkboard mural.

Upstairs, a large window looking out on a cement wall provides most of the light. This creates a dark and gloomy look but it also makes for a very chilled out and laid back atmosphere, which is nice for a dessert bar.

The seating area upstairs only has two tables, making it more of a "grab 'n' go" place. 

Who to bring: Your sweet-toothed friends. This is purely a dessert place, so if you're in the area and are itching for a quick sugar fix after lunch, head over and set your inner child free. 

Also bring your vegan, organic, or GMO-obsessed pals. They'll love it, especially when they hear staff boasting about the all-organic and GMO free desserts.

What's hot: The ice cream doughnut sandwich. There were several choices for doughnuts, including hibiscus, cinnamon sugar, and salted caramel, but we tried the chocolate doughnut with Earl Grey ice cream filling. 

The Earl Grey ice cream was all organic and creamy.

Although it wasn't pretty, the sandwich was a pleasure to eat. The doughnut was soft and fluffy, and the chocolate icing on top was rich and creamy. The distinct Earl Grey flavoured ice cream matched the chocolate and pastry to form a delightful blend - followed by the inevitable brain freeze. 

The ice cream choices included matcha, classic chocolate, Earl Grey, salted caramel and the ice cream of the day. When we visited, this was vanilla with brownie bits, which really livened up plain-old vanilla.

What's not: The sparse lighting and scarce seating. With only two tables and four benches it would fit eight people at most, so maybe email ahead to reserve one of the tables. 

It's also very, very hard to find. We searched for almost half an hour before stumbling across it. 

The dessert selection is small. They have a limited menu of different flavours of ice cream, doughnuts, doughnut sandwiches and cookies, but they don't stock a lot of food. When we went, there were only three doughnuts to choose from.  

Cost: Ice cream is HK$50, while an ice cream doughnut sandwich is HK$70. Drinks range from HK$25 to HK$40, while cookies cost HK$20.


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