Yum: review of Pololi

Yum: review of Pololi


Pololi is a really small shop which means you have to enjoy your bowl of food outside
Photo: YP Cadet Renee Chan


Bowl of delicious and traditional ahi tuna poke
Photo: YP Cadet Renee Chan
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35-39 Graham St
Tel: 2755 8099

Grub: Hawaiian poke bowls ("poke" means "to slice or to cut" and a poke bowl is a raw fish salad)

Vibe: With Hawaiian-inspired paintings on the walls and surf music playing in the background, this cosy shop has captured the definition of "ohana" (family). You can't find a nicer environment to enjoy a quick, refreshing meal on a hot day (read: every day) in Hong Kong. This little restaurant only has two bar tables and six seats though, so don't expect to find a spot to sit right away!

Who to bring: Sushi fanatics. If you don't like raw fish, don't bother coming here as it's a Hawaiian take on Japanese sashimi.

What's Hot: Walking into the shack, you'll be greeted by the owner, who will gladly offer samples of all the different flavours of poke. And that leads you to the most difficult decision of your day.

Their most popular ahi (tuna) poke follows the traditional recipe and is quite spicy - it's not too hot, but it has just the right amount of seasoning. Marinated with a flavourful dressing and mixed with a few chopped onions, the smooth texture will leave you craving more. 

Another popular ahi poke is the wasabi mayo one, which gives the tuna a creamier texture and a little extra kick. If you're not into tuna and/or spice, try the yuzu salmon - a slightly citrusy, flavour-packed poke with a very silky texture.

To bring the meal together, all poke bowls also include a base of rice (either Japanese or brown) or salad, or you can have half rice and half salad. 

What's Not: It's a very small shop, so you may need to stand or take your bowl outside to enjoy it. 

You may also want to bring your own drink, because their Hawaiian H2O is quite pricey.

Cost: Each poke bowl is HK$90, but they offer an additional 100g of poke for HK$60. They also sell spam musubi (grilled spam on rice) which cost from HK$20 to HK$25.



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