Yum: review of Beef & Liberty

Yum: review of Beef & Liberty

Beef & Liberty

2/F, 23 Wing Fung St
Tel: 2811 3009

Grub: American

Vibe: This place can only be described as prison-chic. Exposed brick walls and metal chairs set the scene, and the food is even served on prison-like trays.

Who to take: Fans of Orange is the New Black will love this place because of the decor. But the music and ambiance are great too, so it's a nice place for a chilled out meal.

What's hot: It's a great restaurant for people who like sharing their food and interesting architecture on social media, as there's a cool sign above the kitchen that says:

"A great hamburger takes time to make. We think this one will be worth the wait." This suggests that the food will take forever to come, but it only took about five minutes for our drinks to arrive and the food came 10 minutes later.

While you wait, enjoy one of the delectable milkshakes which are both creamy and decadent.

What's not: Given how expensive the food is, I expected to be blown away by the quality. It was neither the best nor the worst burger I've ever had, and this is disappointing given the price. But if you can manage a dessert, the cookie drizzled in white chocolate sauce makes up for the average burger.

Cost: The sets are the best value, coming in at HK$155 for a burger, drink and either fries or a salad, considering it costs HK$122 for a bacon cheeseburger alone. The other burgers range from HK$108 to HK$122. Starters cost between HK$42 and HK$88. Sliders cost HK$108 for two options or HK$138 for three.


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