Yum: review of Plaza Cafe

Yum: review of Plaza Cafe


An afternoon tea filled with mouth-watering treats
An afternoon tea filled with mouth-watering treats
Photo: Jocelyn Wong/ SCMP

Plaza Cafe 

Shop S201, 2/F, Zone A, Kai Tak Cruise Terminal, 33 Shing Fung Road, Kowloon Bay 
Tel: 2700 6632 

Grub: Coffee shop

Vibe: There is a very relaxed and casual vibe to the place. The French windows surrounding the eatery make it perfect for basking in the sunshine and people-watching on a lazy afternoon. 

Who to take: Friends and family who want to get out of the hustle and bustle but aren't prepared to make an effort to go very far. 

What's hot: The ambience is great. Instead of feeling cramped in a coffee shop in Central or Causeway bay and being rushed away by grumpy servers, you can really relax and let your hair down. This place is the perfect getaway from the crowds and tourists that run amok in the city. 

The food doesn't leave a lasting impression, with two very important exceptions. First, they do a mean fish and chips as part of their afternoon tea set: juicy fried fish complemented by golden, crispy French fries. Other things to look out for in the afternoon tea set include their creme brulee and tiramisu, which are both delicious and feel incredibly indulgent. 

They also offer an impressively wide selection of teas and artisan coffees which do leave a lasting impression. 

Fried to golden perfection, these fish n' chips will leave you wanting more. Photo: Jocelyn Wong/ SCMP


What's not: It is not exactly the most accessible location and is quite difficult to get to and from. There are two buses from Kowloon City that will take you close by and only set you back HK$7. There is also a taxi stand if you want to splurge for a ride back into the city.

During the week it's a quiet escape, but this place can get crowded at the weekend. However, lots of people don't seem to linger that long. 

Cost: The tea set offers a wide range of pastries, both savoury and sweet, as well as a generous plate of fish and chips, priced at a reasonable HK$268 for two, including coffee or tea.


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