Yes, it's crunch time

Yes, it's crunch time


(from left, back row) John Kang, Chris Lau, Mabel Sieh, Joyee Chan with junior reporters (front row) Wayne Yuen, Kent De Jesus, Leona Chen and Charlotte Chan
(from left, back row) John Kang, Chris Lau, Mabel Sieh, Joyee Chan with junior reporters (front row) Wayne Yuen, Kent De Jesus, Leona Chen and Charlotte Chan
Photo: Nora Tam/SCMP
Young Post and some lucky readers tried out a range of Easter eggs to help you decide what to munch on. The readers also designed and tested customised Easter chocolate bars, compliments of local bespoke chocolate company, Chocoyou. Yummy or what?

The first exciting thing about the egg from La Maison Du Chocolat (HK$230) is that the shell is made from real eggshell! There were no instructions on how to properly remove it, so I just cracked it. Inside was a thin layer of dark chocolate, then praline filling. The chocolate melted in my mouth; its bitterness mixed with the sweetness of the praline was the perfect combination. The crispy hazelnuts in the praline enriched the chocolate's texture. 5/5

Wayne Yuen Chun-wing, 15

The Godiva egg (HK$90) was the most elegant, with its simple packaging and design. The Truffle Creme Egg is filled with a combination of truffle and marshmallow, a brilliant blend of flavours. It's a shame the marshmallow wasn't chewy, but creamy. Otherwise, it's a delicious treat. 4/5

Kent De Jesus, 17

I picked the largest egg, a dark chocolate one from Agnes B (HK$185). It just proved the worst things come in big packages! It's well presented, with elaborate patterns on the front of the egg; but the taste was very average. What's more, this hollow egg doesn't even have patterns on the back. I think it's a rip-off. 2/5

Charlotte Chan, 14

The Cova egg (HK$170) comes prettily packaged, and wrapped in gold foil and ribbons The shell was quite thick and hard, but once you crack it open, you're rewarded with a gift - a blue bracelet. The chocolate taste was nothing special - it's 51 per cent dark chocolate and 49 per cent milk chocolate. I learned an important lesson - never judge a chocolate by its brand, price or packaging. 3/5

Leona Chen Ying-tong, 15

The outer milk chocolate shell of a Kinder Hazelnut Egg covers a layer of white chocolate. This houses runny, creamy chocolate mousse with crunchy bits. It's good for those with a seriously sweet tooth! 3/5

Chris Lau

The bright colours of the wrapping from the Cadbury's Creme Egg give a preview of what's inside. Within a rich, thick chocolate shell, an even richer fondant filling mimics egg whites. This classic egg satisfies all chocolate and sugar cravings. 4/5

John Kang

With all the fancy over-packaging of so-called luxury brands that's out there, the simple foil wrapping on this Disney Easter Egg is refreshingly environmentally friendly. But these are definitely heavier on the "milk" than the "chocolate". 3/5

Wong Yat-hei

Kent: My "Chocolate Bonanza" was a white chocolate bar - I love its unique sweetness - filled with M&M's and Maltesers, candy-shell eggs and almonds. It was my chocolate dream-come-true.

Charlotte: My "Pink Caramel Crunch Bunny Bar feat. Freeze-Dried Strawberries and More" was 54 per cent sugar-free dark chocolate (a healthier option), chopped caramel pieces, assorted pebble chocolate, rare Himalayan pink salt (to add something exotic!), freeze-dried strawberry slices (healthy again, and also tangy), topped by a milk- and white-chocolate Easter Bunny. Awesome!

Leona: I ordered a milk chocolate base with an Easter Bunny-shaped chocolate, a 3D egg, pop rocks, dried apricots, Malteser pieces and a pink chocolate flower. , and some Easter-themed ingredients like a chocolate Easter Bunny and a 3-D easter egg. The chocolate bar itself was mixed with some harder, tiny pieces of chocolate, which, along with the Malteser bits, created a pleasant crunchy texture. Dried apricots are a personal favourite of mine - I like their tropical scent and healthiness. The sweetness of the pink flower was the perfect finishing touch.

Wayne: I wanted my chocolate to have an Easter theme, so chose to decorate with a bunny and 3D eggs. I also wanted some crunch and texture in the chocolate, hence the pop rocks, and pink and white crispy chocolate pearls. It was wonderful - the crispy pearls stayed intact as the chocolate melted in my mouth. From appearance to taste, I loved my chocolate bar!


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