Poke restaurant review: A fresh fish bowl for the summer in the heart of Causeway Bay

Poke restaurant review: A fresh fish bowl for the summer in the heart of Causeway Bay

This new Hawaiian eatery serves up refreshing delights.


Poke is one of the newest food trends, due to the fact that it's light and refreshing.
Photo: Poke

G/F, 124 Leighton Road,
Causeway Bay
Tel: 5986 6398

Grub: Poke bowls, which are Hawaiian dishes made up of rice, diced fish, sauce and seasoning, and other add-ons.

Vibe: The shop is sandwiched between other fun food hotspots, like Via Tokyo and Mammy Pancake, and is decorated with leis (flower wreaths) and brightly coloured, tropical posters.

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Poke bowls are Hawaiian dishes made up of rice, diced fish, and other add ons.
Photo: Divina Samtani

Who to take: A friend, if you’re passing through the area. There are no seats, which means there is not much of a queue, making this the ideal place for a spontaneous visit. You don’t even really need to go with anyone, either – popping into Poke on your way home is perfectly acceptable, too.

What’s hot: If you’re indecisive by nature, or simply fear missing out on a good flavour, Poke has you covered. Mix and match your Poke bowl to your heart's content, choosing your own poke (tuna, salmon, octopus, or mushrooms), base (sushi rice, brown rice, salad, or a mix of any), toppings, and sauces.

Their house bowls, like “Poh-keh” (HK$88), “Go Green” (HK$88), “Ahi San” (HK$88), “California” (HK$98), and “The Vegan” (HK$66) are all tasty, too. “The Vegan” and “Go Green” are meat-free.

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The ingredients taste fresh and the portions are generous. Poke serves snacks, too, and we particularly loved the Sweet Potato Fries With Wasabi Yogurt (HK$28).

An added plus is that the drinks are served in reusable cups and with paper straws.

What’s not: Because it’s a takeaway shop, you won’t find yourself lingering here for very long. There are a few standing tables if you’re really desperate to stick around, or if you are simply splitting fries with a mate.

Cost: House bowls cost HK$66-HK$98. Prices start from HK$62 to build your own bowl. Small bites are HK$18-HK$45. Drinks cost HK$8-HK$32.

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