Liu Liang San in Tsim Sha Tsui serves up authentic classic Taiwanese food

Liu Liang San in Tsim Sha Tsui serves up authentic classic Taiwanese food

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Tomato and beef noodles, limited stock every day
Photo: YP cadet Kristy Chan

Liu Liang San
3 Ichang Street
Tsim Sha Tsui

Grub: Authentic Taiwanese noodle soup and other classic Taiwanese dishes.

Vibe: Cosy, cheerful and warm, this restaurant is tucked away on a small street. The interior is dimly lit with bar seats facing the chefs, the atmosphere lively with the din and chatter of the staff, and happy patrons.

Who to take: Friends eager to try Taiwanese food. This place is not recommended for large groups, and not for new friends because it can be difficult to make small talk over the noise. It’s good for three or four close friends who can eat and slurp noodles without the need to speak.

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What’s hot: The beef noodles in tomato soup is one of the restaurant’s signature dishes, and it’s easy to see why. The freshness of the tomatoes counters the rich beef flavour, and the noodles soak up the tasty soup. You can choose between thick and thin noodles; both are good. The melt-in-your-mouth beef, meanwhile, is rich in flavour and has just the right amount of bite.

Their signature drink – a refreshing melon and lemon tea – had just the right amount of sweetness, although it could have been colder. Service is quick and efficient; all of our food arrived within 10 minutes.

An underwhelming dried bean curd appetiser
Photo: YP cadet Kristy Chan

What’s not: The dried bean curd appetiser was rather dry and bland; the paltry drizzling of a mystery, rather sour, sauce did nothing to help in that respect. And due to the sweltering summer heat, the hot noodle soups were not as satisfying as they might have been on a cold winter’s day.

The restaurant is extremely busy at lunchtime – even though the food arrives so very quickly – and so the only table left for three of us was rather small and uncomfortable to eat at.

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Cost: A bowl of braised beef noodles costs HK$68, while a bowl of tomato and beef noodles costs HK$88. The small plate of bean curd costs HK$18, but goes on special for HK$10 at lunchtime. The melon and lemon tea costs HK$23, and only HK$12 at lunch.

At lunch you can get a substantial meal for less than HK$100 that will satisfy your cravings for authentic Taiwanese food.

Edited by Ben Young


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