Maison Libanaise offers all the charm and comfort of middle eastern cooking

Maison Libanaise offers all the charm and comfort of middle eastern cooking

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Cauliflower with a yummy (but spicy) dressing.
Photo: Jamie Lam/SCMP


The aubergine, or eggplant for the rest of us is light and tasty.
Photo: Jamie Lam/SCMP

Maison Libanaise
10 Shelley Street
Hong Kong

Tel: 2111 2284

Grub: Lebanese and Mediterranean-style food

Vibe: Vibrant Moorish-style decor that manages to feel cool and contemporary, with colourful tiles and mosaics, and dishes served on gorgeous patterned plates.

Who to take: A big group of your friends or classmates. These dishes are really designed for sharing, so the more people you have, the more flavours you get to try and the cheaper it will work out per person. You can choose a spot on the second floor of the three-storey building for a calmer affair, but in good weather, head up to the rooftop where there are long tables with benches, endless strings of lights and a generally more relaxed, chatty atmosphere.

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Each dish comes as it's on item on the menu. Like this lamb kafka.
Photo: Jamie Lam/SCMP

What’s hot: You’ll be hard-pressed to find fault with any of the dishes here. The food is fairly light and simple (which means you can eat more!) and extremely tasty. The cauliflower comes with a particularly yummy spicy dressing, and the servings of pita are so big that you’ll have more than enough to go around.

What’s not: Each dish is served as a single item without any sides – they make more of a statement that way, but if you go as a smaller party, you’ll face the dilemma of only getting to sample a couple of dishes or having too much left over at the end of your meal.

Cost: Vegetable dishes are between HK$80-HK$100, while meat dishes range from HK$100-HK$200. Side dishes range from HK$25-HK$80. Drinks are HK$28-HK$48.

Edited by Ginny Wong

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