Sister Korea Café serves up great gim bab and more

Sister Korea Café serves up great gim bab and more

Love Korean food? Head to Tai Wai – you’ll love the Sister Korea Café in the Sun Chui Shopping Centre


Hotpot is the best on the menu.
Photo : YP cadet Joyee Au Yeung


The gim bap is pretty good too.
Photo : YP cadet Joyee Au Yeung

Sister Korea Café

Shop 17, 18-18A, G/F, Sun Chui Shopping Centre, 2 Chui Tin Street, Tai Wai

Tel: 2596 0018

Grub: Korean

Vibe: The atmosphere is super laid back – the cartoon drawings and Korean characters on the walls, as well as the funky chairs you sit on, make the place feel casual and fun, and bouncy, upbeat Korean pop music plays in the background.

Tropical smoothies. Sweet, fruity and perfect for IG.
Photo : YP cadet Joyee Au Yeung

Who to take: Your squad. The huge, sharing-style portions are perfect for splitting with a group of friends – you’ll get to try lots of different dishes, but won’t be overwhelmed.

What’s hot: There’s a wide variety of dishes to choose from, but there are a few dishes that come recommended: traditional gim bap (a seaweed rice roll), Korean spicy noodle hotpot, and some fruit smoothies.

The gim bap was delicious. It was packed full of yellow pickled radish, sausage, cucumber, and carrot, which bursts with flavour when you bite into it, and the sesame seeds sprinkled on top gave it that extra “oomph”.

The hotpot was the best of everything we tried – the wide variety of ingredients gave the dish a multitude of textures and flavours. This comes with cheese, corn, egg, and beansprouts on the side, which can be mixed into the hotpot if you fancy.

Lots of tasty noms to be had at Nahms

The pineapple smoothie was sweet, and lacked any sort of artificial flavour, and the strawberry citrus smoothie was very fruity tasting – and the orange zest really gave it a nice zing. Look-wise, the drinks are amazing, and totally Instagram-worthy.

What’s not: The food may arrive at your table quickly (it felt like barely two minutes had passed between ordering and eating), but the hotpot needs time to actually cook when it arrives, which means you can be waiting a while. Our hotpot stove wasn’t, well, hot enough so it felt like ages before we could dig in. As much as we loved the smoothies, the strawberry citrus came with too much ice, leaving it slightly watery-tasting.

Cost: Snacks are free. Yay! The lunch menu costs between HK$35-HK$50, and drinks are provided. Gim bap costs between HK$45-HK$59. The hotpot is HK$$128-HK$188. Special drinks are between HK$10-HK$58.

Edited by Ginny Wong

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