Black Star serves western grub with a view

Black Star serves western grub with a view

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You don't see drinks in the photo. Skip them.
Photo: Lucy Christie/SCMP

Black Star
81 Wing Lok Street
Sheung Wan
Tel: 2399 0207

Grub: Western

Chicken strips are a good choice here.
Photo: Lucy Christie/SCMP

Vibe: Super relaxed. The staff are friendly and helpful, and there’s a real mix of people here.

Who to bring: Anyone you would want to people watch with. The best seats – the ones facing out from an elevated platform onto the street – quickly get snapped up. The sharing-style menu means it’s best to go with people whose fingers you don’t mind sticking into your food.

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What’s hot: The menu is designed for sharing. With only two sections – “victuals” (less than a meal, more than a bite) and “snacks” – every dish is designed for a crowd. This is great news if you find deciding what to have a stressful decision, as you can order several things to share and try everything.

The chicken strips are delicious, with crispy, Cajun seasoning encasing tender bites of chicken. The burger is also a solid choice, as they don’t scrimp on the fillings, with red onion, gherkin, tomato and Swiss cheese among the included toppings.

These are the ribs covered in sauce (not a tiny chicken as you might think). Also a skip.
Photo: Lucy Christie/SCMP

What’s not: The chef loves parsley. I’m not opposed to the odd sprinkling of the herb, but this place puts it on everything. They generously cover the chicken strips, the ribs, the shoestring fries, the burger with it; even the little bowls of ketchup, mayonnaise and salsa that come on the side get a healthy dose. It might make the food look a little more gourmet, but it’s completely unnecessary, and doesn’t do the taste any favours.

The ribs were a bit of a let-down; while the BBQ sauce was tasty, the lack of meat means they aren’t worth your while.

The drinks were also a disappointment – a Coca Cola cost HK$40, was filled with ice, and had clearly been watered down.

Cost: Snacks cost HK$68-Hk$88, while victuals cost HK$98-HK$108. Soft drinks costs HK$40.

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