BLT Burger offers a big burger experience ... but it comes with a big price tag

BLT Burger offers a big burger experience ... but it comes with a big price tag

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Big burgers. Big dent in the wallet.
Photo: Veronica Lin
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BLT Burger

Shop B224A, B2/F,
Times Square, Causeway Bay
Tel: 2506 1500

Grub: All-American food

Vibe: This restaurant is like a time capsule that takes you back to the sixties. Brick walls and black and white printouts give it a vintage feel.

Who to take: Fast food lovers or family members with HUGE appetites. This is also a great place to swing by after a night out with your squad.

A sweet (almost overly so) milkshake.
Photo: Veronica Lin

What’s hot: If you think that BLT Burger is just another McDonald’s or KFC clone, you could not be further from the truth. With tasty burgers made from organic ingredients, this is arguably one of the best diners in town.

The Atlantic salmon burger is a must-try. The fresh salmon is cooked to perfection and sandwiched between two onion buns. Avocado and red onions bind the burger together, adding a creamy texture and a touch of acidity to this mouth-watering meal. Feeling overwhelmed by all the omega-3s in the fish oil? A pinch of salt & pepper or some arugula leaves help balance it out.

Maya Cafe is vegan, simple, cute and brings to mind a homemade meal

The Mozzarella sticks are also highly recommended, as the cheese is soft and milky and covered with golden breadcrumbs. Mmm.

The service here is excellent as well – there’s no need to worry that the waitresses will be giving you death glares for whiling the day away in the joint with your besties.

The Mozzarella sticks are delicious. You don't go to a burger joint for the health benefits anyway.
Photo: Veronica Lin

What’s not: The cost. Granted, most of these burgers (according to the descriptions) are made from “100% certified Black Angus beef”, but the HK$80+ tag on them make them just a little too expensive for us.

What’s more, the signature drinks here are far too sweet. Who wants to put on five pounds just by treating themselves to a cool, creamy vanilla milkshake? ... Maybe just this once.

Cost: Burgers are HK$82-HK$148 (cheese +HK$12, toppings +HK$14); milkshakes are HK$58-HK$68; sides are HK$48-HK$138; sodas/juices are HK$32-HK$46; desserts are HK$25-HK$68.

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