Mac ‘n’ cheese and milkshakes – Moofish knows what Hongkongers want

Mac ‘n’ cheese and milkshakes – Moofish knows what Hongkongers want

Serving up British and American favourites in Discovery Bay


The pulled pork tacos are oh-so-tiny!
Photo: YP cadet Shayna Sujanani

Shop G33, 82 Siena Avenue
Discovery Bay North Plaza
Tel 2987 6318

Grub: Mostly steak and seafood, with various other British and American favourites

Vibe: From the bright blue plates, to the projections of music videos and city skylines at the back of the restaurant’s white brick wall, Moofish gives off a warm and lively feel that’s perfect for families.

Kaum at Potato Head is real Indo cuisine

The outdoor seating with lounge chairs is perfect for a summer’s day, and besides the tables indoors, you can choose to sit right up at the bar, or at the array of booths at the back.

The old-fashioned mac n' cheese is big enough to share with the whole family!
Photo: YP cadet Shayna Sujanani

Who to take: The whole family, including babies and grandparents. The colouring page attached to the kid’s menu will surely win a 5-year old’s heart, and the American-sized portions are a must to share with the extended family.

What’s hot: The pulled pork tacos are well seasoned; the accompanying sauce is delicious, and the veggies have just the right amount of crunch. Those who don’t like avocado will find that Moofish can make it taste delicious when it’s combined with mango to form a salsa. The salsa provides a little kick, but it isn’t spicy at all.

The special Moofish cheese sauce in the old-fashioned mac ‘n’ cheese is heavenly – the perfect amount of milk and cream provides a rich smoothness to the dish, making seconds (and even thirds) inevitable. The presentation is the cherry on the cake: where else will you be served mac ‘n’ cheese in a skillet?

The S'mores milkshake is the highlight of the Moofish menu!
Photo: YP cadet Shayna Sujanani

But it’s the s’mores milkshake that steals the show. It tastes just like an actual s’more, from the gigantic roasted marshmallow on top of the milkshake, to the creamy chocolate base. The drink is perfect to share with someone, or by yourself if you have a super sweet tooth. If you’re not a fan of s’mores, Moofish also offers jam doughnut, hazelnut and salted pretzel, and candied caramel popcorn flavours.

What’s not: The cost. It’s not cheap, unless you’re okay with sharing just one or two dishes with a friend. While you could argue that the prices reflect the huge portions, you still have to spend at least several hundred dollars for a decent meal.

While it’s fairly easy to get to Discovery Bay Plaza, the North Plaza is a different story. Once you get there, Moofish is hard to find as it’s hidden much towards the back of the plaza. Expect to have to ask the security guards, who will kindly take you there.

Cost: Starters cost HK$75 to HK$145, and salads are HK$120-HK$145. Seafood and steak items cost HK$185 and up, while pasta or noodle dishes are HK$130 and up. Drinks and desserts cost HK$40-HK$90, including the milkshakes.

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