Instagram fame is sweet for pastry chef Olga Noskova and her magnificent mirror cakes

Instagram fame is sweet for pastry chef Olga Noskova and her magnificent mirror cakes

Cakemaker Olga Noskoya on following her dreams, and how the secret ingredient to her mirror cakes is love


The “Cake Queen” is also a fan of the cosmology; she’s frequently incorporated elements of the universe, such as constellations and aurora lights into her designs.
Photo: Olga Noskova


Almost too perfect to eat!
Photo: Olga Noskova

Russian pastry chef Olga Noskova’s mirror cakes are simply too pretty to eat. That makes them perfect for Instagram, where more than 610,000 followers – including celebrities such as Britney Spears – drool over her masterpieces each day, a feat that makes her the “Cake Queen” of the social media site.

But Noskova didn’t set out to become an internet celebrity. In the beginning, she had much simpler goals. “I had a dream that every morning I could wake up and be engaged in the creative work I loved with all my heart,” she says.

To follow that dream, Noskova left her home in the bustling Russian city of Ufa and studied at different culinary schools around the world. She also honed her techniques by watching videos, and drawing inspirations from the beauty of nature.

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While most pastry chefs restrict their creativity by precisely following every step in the recipe, and adhering to the “golden rules” taught in a master class, Noskova is always keen on experimenting and adding different elements to her cakes.

“I am influenced by a strong desire in experimenting with colours, fillings, decoration, and flavours of my cakes,” says Noskova. “True, you need to read the information on this field, but it’s also important to self-educate, observe nature or pieces of art, and watch various videos.”

Since Noskova first attempted the technique of cake glazing two years ago, she has been constantly refining the looks of her cakes, striving to find the golden recipe for that super reflective glaze. The results are astonishing, and Noskova’s latest creations have all been virtually flawless, with a glaze that’s as smooth as glass.

Simple and elegant.
Photo: Olga Noskova

Pleased with these developments, she took to social media to show off her mesmerising mirror cakes. “I used Instagram to post my photos [to share them] with my friends and family, so my account became a portfolio of my works,” says Noskova. When she woke up to her buzzing phone the next morning, Noskova was surprised to find that her posts had gone viral.

“More than 8,000 people subscribed to my profile in one night, and most of them are even from foreign countries,” she said. The number of followers on her account kept growing exponentially, and now there are more than half a million cake-enthusiasts carefully following her every post.

Despite her huge success, Noskova still remains humble and focused on her craft.

For inspiration, the “Cake Queen” often looks to nature, frequently incorporating constellations and the northern lights into the design of her cakes. But for Noskova, this imagery is more than just a pretty picture – it’s a philosophy.

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“My gratitude to the universe is expressed in such cakes.” says Noskova. “I believe that universe is abundant and gives us everything we want. It is important to believe in your dreams, and send out vibrations of joy, happiness, love, and gratitude.”

These dreams have taken Noskova – and her amazing desserts – to many different countries, something that brings happiness to the girl from Ufa. “It’s great to share my energy with such interesting and joyful people around the world,” she says.

Many of her fans and fellow cake makers are dying to find out the secret recipe to her dreamy cakes, but Noskova keeps her recipe top secret, not even saying whether gelatin or edible wax are among the ingredients. But she believes these people are focussing on the wrong thing.

“Everything I do is filled with joy and love,” says Noskova. “The secret is not in [the recipe]. I just do my work and enjoy it with all my heart.”

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