LM Cafe: Part tea restaurant, part cafe. Partly good, partly bad

LM Cafe: Part tea restaurant, part cafe. Partly good, partly bad


BBQ pork noodles with toast and egg. Not the best thing in the world.
Photo: Melanie Leung/SCMP

LM Cafe
Shop M, G/F, COS Centre, 56 Tsun Yip Street, Kwun Tong
Tel: 26851128

Grub: Western

Fresh salad, one point in its favor.
Photo: Melanie Leung/SCMP

Vibe: The restaurant is situated in a surprisingly desolate mall, but it’s nice inside. The restaurant has a high ceiling and a spacious minimalistic design, while multicoloured chairs give it a fun, laidback atmosphere. It’s not the classiest of places, the diners are loud chatterers and the food comes in plastic plates.

Who to take: There’s intimate cubicles as well as larger tables, so it’s great for both small and large group gatherings. The menu is very affordable and the food comes quickly, making it a nice option for a quick and casual meal. There’s also a ton of food options: the restaurant is a crossover of a cafe and a cha caan teng, serving both Western dishes like all-day breakfast, pasta and gratin; as well as familiar local fare such as BBQ pork and pineapple buns with iced butter.

Mushroom soup, tasty and rich. Another point.
Photo: Melanie Leung/SCMP

What’s hot: The salad that came with our dinner set was fresh and matched well with the balsamic vinaigrette dressing, and the mushroom soup was tasty and richly textured. The four cheese pasta is a great option for cheese fanatics - every mouthful will satisfy your cheesy desires, although it’s so filling you won’t have much room for anything else afterwards. We also enjoyed the mixed grill served on a sizzling dish with black pepper sauce. The pork chop and chicken fillet were juicy and the fresh veggies to the side balanced off the dish just right.

What’s not: Most of the other food that we ordered were a disappointment, above all the omelette set dish with curry, rice and fish fillet. The curry was overwhelmingly salty, and the rice was so soggy it must have been meant to be consumed by a toothless baby. Another letdown was the BBQ pork spaghetti in soup. The pork was tasteless, and the noodles tasted as if they were just cooked in salt water. The service is also mediocre. It takes ages to catch the attention of the busy waiters, who frequently forget to refill your water cup.

Sizzling dish set (mixed grill), juicy and balanced by the veggies. Third point in its favor.
Photo: Melanie Leung/SCMP

Cost: Salads, soups and snacks range from HK$12-$58, omelette sets cost HK$35-$50; while sizzling dish sets are HK$50-$68. Noodle sets with scrambled eggs and toast cost HK$36, and Western lunch/dinner sets cost HK$68-$78. Dessert costs about HK$48 and beverages about HK$50.

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