Easter candy roundup 2016 edition

Easter candy roundup 2016 edition

Do you prefer your chocolate in solid bunny form, or as a hallow egg? Straight up, or candy-coated? There’s a whole lot of chocolate choices out there for Easter so we gave our cadets the *difficult* task of picking their favourite candy. Tough life!

To get ready for Easter, YP cadets Benjamin Oh, Veronica Lin, and Lyndon Fan tried five of the sweetest holiday treats. Here’s what they discovered ...

Lindt’s chocolate Easter bunny: HK$37.90

Benjamin: This one comes in a delicate bunny shape. The chocolate itself is rather thin and sweet, but it is very creamy, and melts in your mouth.

Veronica: Milk chocolate was invented in Switzerland, and these golden bunnies certainly do their native country proud with their extremely creamy and milky taste!

Lyndon: This rabbit is very sweet & creamy, but the shell is a bit too thin in some places.

M&S chocolate rabbit lollipop: HK$29

Benjamin: This cute rabbit lollipop even comes with its own pink felt ears. It’s thick and firm, but the chocolate is a tad too dry.

Veronica: This cute chocolate lollipop instantly melts in your mouth!

Lyndon: This lollipop might look like a simple candy, but the thick milk chocolate is fabulous.

Bounce your way out of the grey this holiday

Jacquot’s Funny EGG Amu’s Oeuf: HK$39.90

Benjamin: It’s like a Kinder egg, except that it’s filled with colourful M&M-like bits. The chocolate is soft and a bit too chalky.

Veronica: Getting confetti bombed by a chocolate Easter egg sounds amazing!

The packaging of these chocolate eggs is unique: it looks exactly like a regular egg carton!

Lyndon: This sweet chocolate Easter egg contains its own Easter egg hidden inside: the hollow chocolate eggshell contains crunchy M&M-like candies! Surely worth it.

See’s Candies’ chocolate Easter egg: HK$28

Benjamin: Inside the egg, there’s a white chocolate bird that seems completely unrelated to Easter. It’s mostly mild and quite palatable.

Veronica: Free the birdie! Who would have ever thought that there’s a chocolate birdie inside? Oops, didn’t mean to spoil the surprise but ... this chocolate really is the whole package.

Lyndon: Another Easter egg with an Easter egg: an unexpected white chocolate bird hidden inside the milk chocolate egg.

Waitrose’ Belgian milk chocolate egg with jelly eggs: HK$58

Benjamin: This one seemed disappointing. I mean, it’s a HK$58 dollar egg, but it’s hollow inside. However, it’s the best by far, leaving a light, pleasant chocolatey aftertaste.

Veronica: Trying to take a bite out of this is a bit of a hassle. But smashing it with your fist will definitely boost your adrenaline and get you into the holiday spirit.

Lyndon: Even though this egg looks enormous, most of it is empty space, and the candies inside are hard and nasty.


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