Avengers-inspired looks: Thor's effortless style looks out of this world

Avengers-inspired looks: Thor's effortless style looks out of this world

Over the summer, we experimented with a different Avengers-inspired look every week and for the final look we turn toThor, his home of Asgard, and godly grandeur for inspiration. Here is a style that's as hot as lightning and worthy of thunderous applause


Diva sparkles in a jumpsuit with a heavily sequinned top.
Photos: Susanna Yeung

A look inspired by Thor has to look divine, and what's more heavenly than effortless style? YP cadet Diva Saha wears a heavily sequinned top to imitate the look of Thor's armour, while lightning earrings and gold sandals finish off the look.

Remember, if you opt for attention-grabbing sequins or patterns on one part of your outfit, keep everything else simple. Thor may be a god, but he's not gaudy!

Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense in #42 Satin Vermilion Red (HK$220 at Mufe)

Be bright to be bold

A bold lip makes a statement like nothing else, and it can easily become your signature look because it goes with anything and everything. (If you're not ready for a strong lip just yet, start with a bright but sheer lipgloss.)

Begin by lining your lips in a shade close to your lipstick shade. Take your time and go around the outline of your mouth in short, feathery strokes. In time you'll be able to line your lips smoothly in one motion like a pro!

Sit back from the mirror and look at your reflection every so often to check that the shape you've drawn is balanced and even.

After this you can apply your lipstick. The liner will help keep it in place and stop it from "bleeding" out past your lips.

To make your lip colour last longer, you can try colouring in your entire lip with the liner first instead of just lining it. Then apply your lipstick, give it a minute, and blot your lips gently.

Finally, pull a two-ply tissue apart into one sheet and dust translucent powder on your lips through the tissue before applying more lipstick.

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Plaited crown

Part your hair into four horizontal sections, from the hairline to the back of your head. Start with the section of hair nearest your hairline and tie up the rest to keep it out of the way.

Start plaiting (or French plaiting) from either the left or right side - it doesn't matter which because you'll alternate - horizontally across your head, from one ear all the way to the other, and secure the end with a hair tie. It should look almost like a hair band across your hairline.

Repeat these horizontal plaits in the other sections, alternating the side you start braiding from, until you run out of hair.

Then, again working from front to back, tug on the plaits to loosen it a little before pinning the lengths and ends in with bobby pins. This modern up-do looks great with both casual and formal outfits!

Hair: Jeffrey Yuen, Senior Stylist, and Victor Leung, Assistant - Essensuals by Toni & Guy
Make-up: Janis Yuen, make-up expert - Make Up For Ever
Clothes: Provided by Zalora
Photographer: Susanna Yeung

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