Monthly beauty reviews: July 2015

Monthly beauty reviews: July 2015

None of the girls on the YP team are divas, but we do enjoy looking good and treating our skin and hair. Here's what we thought of some of new make-up, skincare and hair products on the market …

Déjàvu Fiberwig Extra Long Mascara (HK$118 citywide)

This is a solid product. It provides a fairly delicate coating, so for a more dramatic look you need two coats; but it doesn't clump and doesn't smudge, which makes it a winner in my books.

Lucy Christie

Benefit Push-up Liner in Beyond Purple (HK$240 at Benefit)

I LOVE the original black version of this: I'm an eyeliner fiend, gel is my favourite type, but I'm lazy, so using and cleaning a brush is just too much work for daily use. I was stoked to hear about the coloured versions. Sadly, they don't live up to expectations.

It's a "new formula", the salesperson proudly told me, and I wish it weren't because it's nowhere near as good. It tends to thin out near the lash line, and requires a several layers to make anything of an impact. It's fine, the nib is still great, but it's not the world-changing product the original is. #ifitaintbroke ...

Karly Cox

Philosophy Renewed Hope in a Jar (HK$365 at Philosophy)

This is definitely worth splurging on. It smells divine (but isn't strongly scented), and keeps skin feeling hydrated all day. Smoothing it all over your face feels like crawling under the coziest duvet after a long day, and it performs wonderfully under make-up. I've also noticed I'm less oily throughout the day when I use it. Love, love, love.

Heidi Yeung

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Night Cap Overnight Perfector (HK$275 at Beyond Beauty, Harvey Nichols)

I always expect hair treatments to somehow transform my dry, straw-like hair into a shining mane like in a shampoo commercial. And of course, I always end up disappointed. This treatment didn't turn me into a hair model, but it was at least pleasant to use. It smells nice and rubs into your hair easily, so it leaves no mess on your pillow overnight. I tried it one morning on my tangly bed-hair, and it worked quite well as a simple conditioning de-tangler and frizz calmer. For a bit of extra softness, it does the trick.

Ariel Conant

MAC Prep + Prime Beauty Balm in Light Plus (HK$330 at MAC)

Less balm, more lotion; this is extremely runny compared to any other BBs I've used. That said, it provides pretty heavy coverage on par with some lighter foundations, while leaving skin looking bright and even-toned. While the sheeny finish will give some the coveted "dewy" look, those with oilier complexions will at least need to blot and powder afterwards to avoid the T-zone turning into an oily luge.

Lauren James

Déjàvu Lasting-fine Felt Liquid Liner (HK$98 citywide)

This liner is easy to apply, and it's nice that the colour is a strong, bold black rather than the washed-out shade of so many liquid liners. The only downside is that the nib is quite chunky, which means it's difficult to do anything other than a thick, dramatic line.

Lucy Christie

Make Up For Ever Aqua Brow Kit #20 (HK$420 at Mufe)

Every once in a while a product makes you feel as if your life is now complete. That's how I feel about this. My brows are thin, sparse, and light, so they don't really show up at all without makeup. I've tried everything from pencils to shadows to fill them in, but was resigned to being either browless or having fake drawn-on brows for all eternity. This product, however, is perfect. All you need is the tiniest dot and the little brush works its magic to fill in and shape your brows. It looks totally natural, and is waterproof, and lasts through thick and thin. I seriously don't know how I've lived without it all these years.

Ariel Conant

B.liv Glow and Shine Skin Smoothing Mask (HK$220 at Sasa)

Seeing as I wear make-up almost every day, it's important to do a cleansing or clarifying mask once a week. I can't say this one leaves my skin looking anymore glowy or shiny, but it does feel like an effective, gentle cleanse. My skin feels cleaner, like the pores have been unclogged, and it is soothing. It's far from the best I've ever used; the fresh scent is lovely, though.

Heidi Yeung

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