Avengers-inspired looks: Hulk gets the green light for casual cool

Avengers-inspired looks: Hulk gets the green light for casual cool

Even though he's learned to control his alter ego, Bruce Banner still seems more comfortable as man than Hulk. Taking his desire to be normal as inspiration, we've created a casual day look that will leave others green with envy

For some reason, a lot of people don't tend to have much green in their wardrobe, but it's actually a great colour to wear. But because it has such a wide variety of shades, you need to find one that works with your complexion. Green can be kind of formal and serious (forest green, moss green), or it can be fun and quirky (lime green, neon green). 

For this look, we went with a funky top in an easy-going pastel green that's flattering on most skin tones, and combined it with a pair of denim shorts. Cut-outs or detailed strap designs add an element of surprise, and denim perfectly balances the outfit. Finish off with fun sunglasses and cute lavender ballet flats, and this Hulk-inspired look is complete!

Two liners are better than one 

Inspired by the idea of dual personalities, Make Up For Ever's (Mufe) Janis Yuen created a double-liner look on YP junior reporter Sparsh Goyal. It's fabulous, but it does take practice. So be patient, and maybe prop your elbow on a flat surface and rest your drawing hand against your face for extra stability. 

A double-liner look is funky without being over the top.
Photo: Susanna Yeung

First, use black liquid eyeliner to line your upper lashline. Create a small wing at the outer corners by drawing a small line from your outer corner towards your temple. The line will be thicker near the outer corners and thinner in the inner corners; that's normal. If you're a pro at the winged liner look, aim for a shorter wing than normal. 

Give the black liner some time to dry, and then draw a second layer of liquid liner in a bright colour right above the black. Make sure there aren't gaps between the line, and extend the wing of your colourful liner a little beyond the black. This is a fun way to use colour that's also quite subtle, and it's a great way to jazz up a daytime look.

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Ponytail with a difference 

This heat and humidity can make anyone want to Hulk-smash in frustration ... but that'd just make you even hotter. Try this fun and easy messy-bun look that will keep your hair out of your face and off your neck. 

Secure your hair into a ponytail; a low ponytail looks best for this, but anything works. There's no need to make this ponytail too neat. In fact, feel free to tug a few strands loose from around your hairline to frame your face. Split your ponytail into two halves; wrap one half clockwise around the base of your ponytail and secure it with hair elastics or hair pins. Do the same with the other half, but wrap it anti-clockwise. 

If you want to upgrade this look to "I was born this cool" level, tong all your hair, curling sections in alternating directions, before putting it in a ponytail. Too lazy or don't have a curling iron? Put your hair in lots of small plaits the night before to wake up to wavy hair. 

Hair: Jeffrey Yuen, Senior Stylist, and Victor Leung, Assistant - Essensuals by Toni & Guy 
Make-up: Janis Yuen, make-up expert - Make Up For Ever
Clothes: Provided by Zalora

Photographer: Susanna Yeung

Make Up For Ever Aqua Liner in No 4 Diamond Lagoon Green ($240 at Mufe)


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Green light for casual cool


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