Avengers-inspired looks: Black Widow style, killer sophistication

Avengers-inspired looks: Black Widow style, killer sophistication

Black Widow is one awesome character: fierce, efficient, and highly skilled. We’re not suggesting that you should become an assassin! Instead, just take inspiration to create a chic professional look.
Charlotte proves a professional look doesn't have to mean suit and tie.
Photo: Susanna Yeung

There are times when you need to dress professionally to make a good impression – whether it’s for a summer internship in an office or a university interview.

Stand out from a sea of suits by pairing fitted pants with a modest top. If the Black Widow-inspired leather is too daring, go with tailored trousers or fitted – though not skintight – denim in black or dark navy.

A detailed top can show off your personality, just make sure the length and neckline are appropriate. A top or shirt with contrasting textures or patterns is interesting without being off-putting.

And you can always accessorise with jewellery or a watch, as long as they’re not distracting statement pieces. An envelope bag with a chain that can be worn over the shoulder is fashionable but still professional.

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Make Up for Ever Aqua Brow kit #20 (HK$420 at Mufe)


In a professional setting, one thing you can’t lack is determination, and strong eyebrows indicate focus. It’s easy to play up your brows without looking too made-up,  as long as you avoid a heavy hand. 

Make Up For Ever’s (Mufe) Aqua Brow Kit is a waterproof brow gel that is easy to apply and lasts all day. It also comes in a wide range of colours to accommodate different complexions and brow-hair colour. Choose one that’s closest to your hair colour so it looks natural.

“First, use the angle brush to lightly define the shape of your brows with the brow gel,” says Mufe make-up expert Vanessa Law. “And then apply the brow gel to your brow hairs using the mascara wand from the kit. Brush on the product in light strokes from the start of your brows to the end, making sure the distribution is even and use the wand to brush your brows into shape.” 

Tips on how to dress stylishly for formal events

Strong eyebrows indicate focus while neat hair suggests you pay attention to detail.
Photo: Susanna Yeung

Structured ’do

Making a little effort to call your hair into order can do wonders for your appearance. Neat hair suggests you pay attention to detail; nothing says “I don’t care” more than messy hair that flops into your face.

If you have long hair, brush it and tuck it behind your ears or tie it back. Remember the creepy little girl in The Ring? Yeah, not a good look.
For short hair, try parting it – either in the middle or to one side – and use a bit of hair clay or wax to smooth it and hold it in place.

If you’re after something edgier, copy YP junior reporter Charlotte Fong’s style by spraying all over with a hairspray and blow-drying your hair upwards and away from your face. And then take a bit of clay or wax, and finger-comb it back some more to create the shape you want. This is a great up-do for shorter styles that’s easy to do at home, and keeps hair out of your face.

Hair: Ivan Lee, Premier Stylist – Essensuals by Tony & Guy

Make-up: Vanessa Law, make-up expert – Make Up For Ever

Clothes: provided by Zalora

Photographer: Susanna Yeung

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