Lookin' good and doin' good - beauty brands that support charity

Lookin' good and doin' good - beauty brands that support charity

Beauty products are a luxury, and it's nice to treat yourself or someone special. But did you know some brands offer products that directly benefit worthy causes? Check out four companies doing good in the 852


Be beautiful on and inside and out.
Be beautiful on and inside and out.

Bobbi Brown

Pretty Powerful Campaign

Bobbi Brown launched the Pretty Powerful Campaign for women and girls in 2013. This programme partners with organisations that empower women and girls around the world and increase their access to education.

Every year, the campaign launches a product, all proceeds of which go towards an educational programme for women and girls to help them overcome social inequalities. This year, the charity is the Girl Rising Fund, a global action campaign whose cause is to break down the barriers to education that girls face around the world.


Earth Month

Aveda has a whole month dedicated to giving back. Earth Month lasts through April every year and focuses on the problems faced by those without easy access to clean water. Aveda's global partner for Earth Month is Global Greengrants, a non-profit organisation working towards solving environmental issues, which has donated more than US$32 million to a range of causes.

In Hong Kong, Aveda partners with The Lotus Light Charity Society, a non-profit organisation founded in 1998, which raises funds to build rain-saving cellars in parts of mainland China where there is a lack of water. It also organises relief efforts for natural disaster victims.


New Charity Pot

The New Charity Pot is a hand and body lotion that helps hydrate and replenish the skin. It also directly benefits small, local charitable organisations targeting issues such as animal welfare, human rights and environmental conservation.

In Hong Kong, the proceeds from sales of the lotion go directly to the Clean Air Network, an NGO that raises awareness of the impact of air pollution, and takes steps to ensure cleaner, fresher air for the city. CAN's achievements include setting up educational programmes, analysing government policies and civic action.


MAC Aids Fund

HIV-Aids is almost as scary and mysterious now to many people as when it was first reported just a little more than 30 years ago. MAC works to break down the stigma and support sufferers. It donates 100 per cent of the sale price of its Viva Glam series of lipsticks and lipglasses to the MAC Aids Fund, which was established in 1994, and has raised nearly US$300 million. The money supports men, women and children all over the world who are affected by the condition.

In Hong Kong, the fund is associated with Hong Kong Aids Foundation, a local charity providing education and support.

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