Check out these 12 beauty hacks to make the most of your products

Check out these 12 beauty hacks to make the most of your products

Highlighter as eyeshadow, blush as lip colour - make-up isn't a rigorous routine so don't be afraid to mix things up a little!

Liquid foundation

It takes a lot of trial and error before you find a liquid foundation that works for you. Even when you get one that's right for your skin type, sometimes the formula is too watery, or sometimes it's too creamy to blend. But once you get it right, hang on to that foundation because it can do wonders!

  • Don't feel like heavy coverage? Mix the foundation with a bit of moisturiser for an instant CC cream that will help correct your skin tone with just a touch of barely-there coverage.
  • Mix tiny amounts of foundation and a highlighting product together for a brightening under-eye concealer.
  • If you have a lipstick you love, create a matching blush by mixing it together with a bit of foundation. Voila! Cream blush!

Power blush

Ever bought a blush you later found was really hard to blend? Don't throw it away yet! You can still use these difficult-to-work-with blushes for other things.

  • Prep your lips with a moisturising lip balm by slathering on a thick layer to condition your lips. After about 15 minutes, blot it off. Using either your fingertip or a lip brush (either a flat synthetic brush with a straight edge, or one with a rounded edge), stamp the blush onto your lips. The lip balm will grab onto the pigment to give you a funky matte lip colour. Carefully tap on a little clear lip balm or lipgloss if you prefer a shiny lip.
  • A peach or coral blush can look lovely as an eyeshadow, and is particularly flattering on girls with blue eyes. 

Not sure how to do your eye make-up when you're wearing glasses all the time? You actually have more options than you may think!

Translucent powder

  • If you ever find a blush or eyeshadow too intense, scrape a bit of it onto a hard, flat surface (a handheld mirror or plate is good for this) and mix it with translucent powder to bring it down a notch.
  • Swipe on a layer of mascara, and let it dry just a little. Before it's completely dry, dust translucent powder directly onto your lashes using a small, fluffy eyeshadow brush. Apply a second layer of mascara. The translucent powder will give your mascara something to grab on to, and will help create longer, bolder and fluffier lashes. A pressed powder is the easiest for this trick.
  • Hate it when your glasses keep sliding down your nose? Put primer on your nose where your glasses should sit, and press or dust translucent powder over it. It will help minimise the oil buildup in that area and help your glasses stay put.

Other useful tips

  • A gorgeous golden highlighter or bronzer for your cheekbones will look fab as a matching eyeshadow. Just make sure it's bolder on your eyelids than it is on your cheeks. The reverse is also true. A pretty golden, bronze or even a pearly eyeshadow can also double as a highlighter, just lightly dust over your cheeks.
  • A creamy nude lip liner can also come in handy as a concealer for small red spots or other imperfections. Remember to set it with a light dusting of powder foundation or translucent powder. You can also tap a small amount of a nude lip liner onto your eyelids (make sure it's only a thin layer) and use it as a base for your eyeshadows. As long as the nude isn't too dark for your skin tone, it will make the colour of your shadow more vibrant and prolong its lasting power.
  • Grab a small angled brush and run it through the bristles of your mascara wand to use the product as eyeliner.
  • If you have a dry spot from a blemish on your skin which looks cakey when you put foundation over it, try putting a creamy primer over it first to smooth out the surface before going over it with concealer and powder. 
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