A peek inside reporter Ariel's make-up bag

A peek inside reporter Ariel's make-up bag

Young Post's resident farm-girl turned reporter Ariel Conant goes to the gym every morning before work, and still comes in looking fab. So we poked through her make-up bag to find out what she's using for on-the-go makeovers …


Ariel's make-up bag is full of goodies!
Ariel's make-up bag is full of goodies!
Photo: Young Wang/SCMP
  • My eyebrows are so thin and sparse, you can barely see them if I don't wear makeup. I use all three shades of the BOB Ever-Changing Eyebrow 3 Shade Eyebrow set (1) to shape them and make them look natural. I'm totally into the "power-brow" look right now, so I also fill in my brows with a Shu Uemura Drawing Pencil (14) to add some extra oomph!
  • I don't like to go heavy on eye shadows, so Revlon's Colorstay Shadowlinks (2) are perfect, because they aren't too pigmented.
  • I use three different brushes, one for each of my essential powder products. A powder foundation (3), an eyeshadow brush (4), and a contouring brush (5) for my bronzing powder.
  • I'm pasty white, so I need a bit of colour to shape my face. MAC's Bronzing Powder in Golden (6) works well with my skin tone, and it's light enough that it doesn't pile up or feel heavy. It's also really easy to blend which makes it look natural and gives me a healthy glow.
  • I tend to do my make up on the go, either at the gym or on the bus to work. So I have a compact mirror (7) with me at all times. One side is a magnifying mirror to catch all the little mistakes I might make if the bus suddenly hits a bump while I'm doing my eyeliner!
  • I like to add a pop of colour to my pale, pasty cheeks, which is why Skinfood's Rose Essence Soft Cream Blusher in Murky Rose (8) is an essential in my make-up bag. It also smells lovely.
  • I hate liquid foundations that build up in creases and lines, so I stick to BB creams. Benefit's Bigger Than BB Big Easy Liquid-to-Powder (9) is great. It's easy to blend on, feels light and helps keep my skin moisturised while still covering up my flaws. It's also 35 SPF, which is always important!

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  • As the day wears on, some cracks inevitably show through your make-up. Photoready Powder by Revlon (10) does a great job covering up those pesky trouble areas, while staying light and wearable.
  • To hide my sleep-deprived under-eye circles and create the illusion I actually have cheekbones I use Age Defying Targeted Dark Spot Concealer Treatment by Revlon (11). This formula is great for me, but for younger skin I'd recommend just a standard light-reflecting concealer with no anti-ageing properties. You guys don't need it!
  • I keep a pair of tweezers (12) handy to ensure I'm always able to keep any stray brow hairs in check.
  • I generally like making my eyes look as big and bright as possible. A bit of white eyeliner along the bottom waterline using GUSH Kohl liner (13) does the trick.
  • I also love the winged eyeliner look, which is really hard to pull off, even if you're not on a moving bus! For that reason, Revlon's ColorStay Liquid Eye Pen (15) is my most favourite make-up product ever. Whether I'm going for big and dramatic or thin and subtle, this liner is easy to use and creates nice, sharp lines which last all day.
  • Along with my invisible brows I also have invisible lashes, so a good mascara is a must. I like this Bobbi Brown Extreme Party & No Smudge Dual Ended Mascara (16), because it has two different brushes for two different looks: No Smudge for a nice clean look, and Extreme Party if you feel like letting your wild side show!
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