Tips for guys on which haircut works best for your face

Tips for guys on which haircut works best for your face

There's a reason why hair is sometimes called your crowning glory. Learn which cut suits you best and rock it

Boys tend to have shorter hair than girls, but that doesn't mean it can't be styled to suit different face shapes. As with girls, different cuts flatter different face shapes. Your hair is your best accessory because it's always with you, so here are some tips from Hair Xavier's director, Kumi Nagae, so you can get a cut that makes you look your best.

Round face

Guys with a rounder face may want to create the illusion of a slimmer one. Short layers throughout, with a short fringe you can sweep to the side, will look best on you.

Oval face

You're lucky because almost any cut will look good on you. Short and layered, sleek, buzz cut, spiky … the sky's the limit! One thing you do want to avoid, though, is a heavy, full fringe that sits bluntly on your forehead. Nagae says that will distort the proportion of your face and make it look smaller. You don't want that.

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Square face

With a square face often come strong features like high cheekbones and a prominent jawline. You don't want to hide or disguise those features, but softening them can do wonders. Part your hair to one side and go for a heavier side fringe. The asymmetry of your hairstyle will draw attention away from your strongest features and make them appear less severe.

High forehead

If the distance between your eyebrows and your hairline takes up the most space on your face, you want to balance that out with short layers and a layered fringe. The length of the fringe will cover part of your forehead and minimise that space so your face will look more in proportion.

Eyeglass wearers

Consider your face shape and go for a cut that flatters it, but make sure if you sport a fringe that it isn't so long that it rests on your glasses. This makes it look untidy.

Nagae's top hair tips for boys:

Regardless of your cut or style, always keep your hair clean and neat. Nothing ruins an otherwise great look like unkempt hair. (Check out our guide to caring for and styling hair on

After you wash your hair, don't rub it dry with a towel. The friction from rubbing it with a towel can damage your hair, so just pat it dry as much as possible and then blow-dry it if you need it to be completely dry.


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If you wear glasses, put them back on before you leave the hair salon to make sure your cut works with your frames, and your fringe doesn't rest on them. If the fringe is too long or the cut doesn't work, it's best to get a professional hairstylist to adjust it for you then and there.

Experiment with your haircuts until you find one that suits you. It's only hair, it'll grow back!

Get a trim once every two months or so, or sooner if your hair grows fast, to keep it looking its best.

Dress as you normally would when you go to get a haircut. "Sometimes people come to get a cut dressed in outfits for special occasions," Nagae reveals. "That's silly. You want your hair to complement your everyday look, not just a special occasion look."

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