Monthly beauty reviews: April 2015

Monthly beauty reviews: April 2015

Most products promise all kinds of results, but do they really deliver? To save you from getting things that may just disappoint you, theYoung Post team tested out the goods for you. Here's the deal …

Apivita Royal Honey Creamy Shower Gel (HK$180 at Apivita)

YUM. While I baulk at paying so much for shower gel - I mean, really - the honeycomb-y, vaguely vanilla scent of this is so delicious, I'm willing to save up and splash out. Its deep moisturising properties are a huge bonus, but mostly I'm prepared to pay to smell like the most amazing scented candle. I'll say it again: YUM.

Karly Cox

Bisous Bisous Allure of Baccarat Trio Blusher in Arcade (HK$188 at SaSa)

These three sugary shades are very, very pigmented. Knowing this makes it easier to decide how to apply. The light shade works well as a highlighter, the middle shade suits most skin tones, and the deep shade is best for statement blush or on darker skin tones. Or buff your brush over all three for a pretty glow. Just be aware you'll probably have to spend more time than usual blending.

Karly Cox

Benefit Roller Lash (HK$230 at Benefit)

It was love at first sight. The mascara does everything it promises to do: it curls, lifts, and lengthens my eyelashes. It's also easy to apply and doesn't clump. The only thing is that I need to check on it after seven or eight hours to make sure it hasn't smudged under my eyes. Other than that, it's a miracle mascara.

Young Wang

Beiwei 23.5 Rice Vitalizing Facial Cleanser (HK$149 at Watsons)

I like products with rice in them; the smell, though not strong, is comforting to me. This cleanser is not particularly foamy, but it leaves skin feeling very clean, although a little dry, so I always use moisturiser afterwards. I only use face wash at night, and this is effective enough that I don't wake up with an oily face the next morning.

Young Wang

Bliss Fabulous Makeup Melt Gel-to-Oil Cleanser (HK$275 at Bliss counters)

Massaging the gel into your skin turns the product into an oil and leaves a visible residue of the day's make-up on your fingers, so you know it works, even if it feels a bit disgusting. It's great for removing foundation, but be careful not to get it in your eyes because it really stings!

Lucy Christie

Skinfood Tomato Jelly Tint Lip in #03 Orange Tomato (HK$95 at Skinfood)

This has decent moisturising properties. It's not greasy at all and the refreshing tomato smell is particularly suitable in spring weather. One huge drawback is the colour. It's a purplish red that looks natural when you first apply it, but after the sheen wears off, your lips end up looking bruised. It doesn't help when you apply a new layer, because that only intensifies the colour. I do think this has something to do with my being tanned though; maybe it reacts differently on less naturally pigmented lips.

Melanie Leung

L'Oréal Professionnel Mythic Oil (HK$298 at L'Oréal Professionnel salons)

Sometimes I wonder if using a hair oil is really that much better than using, say, olive oil. Well, I've tried both, and this is better. Not only does it smell really nice, like a blend of exotic flowers, it doesn't leave my strands feeling oily. My hair seems to absorb it well, and is left soft and shiny. I only apply from the mid-lengths to the ends of my hair, and that's enough to make it behave itself and not get too frizzy now the humidity is back.

Heidi Yeung

Shiseido Adenovital Eyelash Serum (HK$200 at Shiseido)

My lashes are short, straight and mostly invisible, and I'm always doubtful when a product promises to lengthen or strengthen or do whatever to my lashes. So I wasn't expecting much from this serum, but I was pleasantly surprised when I noticed my lashes looking a bit longer and thicker, and holding mascara a lot better. Considering what I expected from this product (nothing), I'd have to say I'm pleasantly surprised!

Ariel Conant

Benefit Puff Off! (HK$280 at Benefit)

I've got pretty noticeable under-eye bags, and I've tried basically every roller, cream and treatment out there. I wish I could say that this product has cured me and I am now bag-free. But unfortunately, the bags still remain. It's okay as far as under-eye products go: it has a slight pink tint that helps disguise puffiness and bags a bit, but not enough to make the effort of applying worthwhile. And the packaging is annoying - it's hard to get the cap on and off, and the clothes-iron-shaped metal tip is awkward and messy.

Ariel Conant

DSQUARED2 Wild cologne (HK$553 at SaSa)

Contrary to its name, Wild is actually quite tame, which I like. It has a pleasant, light and earthy-woody smell that can definitely work as a daily scent, or for special gatherings. The girls on the YP team said it it would work as a women's fragrance too!

Leon Lee

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