Make-up tips for those who wear glasses

Make-up tips for those who wear glasses

Not sure how to do your eye make-up when you're wearing glasses all the time? You actually have more options than you may think!

Perfect those brows

When you wear glasses, it's important that your brows bring their A game, especially if your glasses have particularly bold frames. If your brows are unruly, the structured frames will make them look even messier. Even if you're not ready to have them shaped, make sure they're neatly groomed: a touch of Vaseline and a quick comb through works wonders.

Mirror, mirror

Invest in a two-sided mirror, one that's normal on one side, and magnifying mirror on the other. An enlarged reflection makes it much easier to see what you're doing, especially if one eye is particularly weak.

Short and sweet

Look for make-up brushes - especially eye make-up brushes - with shorter handles. This will make it easier for you to lean in closer to the mirror, and not knock the handle against the mirror as you work on your make-up. Brands like MAC and Benefit often release holiday or limited-edition brush sets, and those tools tend to be smaller. They're also often really reasonably priced. Score!

Mascara magic

If you wear glasses pretty much constantly, don't use lengthening mascara. Making your lashes longer means they're more likely to brush against your lenses, so save those formulas for when you wear contacts. Swipe on a mascara that helps volumise or curl your lashes instead. This will still make them look full and fluffy, but you won't end up with annoying black smears blocking your vision.

Brighten those peepers

Wearing glasses emphasises whatever is within the perimeters of your frames, so choose eyeshadows carefully. Look for products with a satin finish - that is, shimmery, but without chunky glitter bits - that complement your eye colour. Neutral shades like copper, bronze, taupe, gold, or nudes with a subtle hint of shimmer will look best on all skin tones. Just sweep over your entire eyelid and blend the edges.

Learn your lines

Because glasses emphasise your eyes, make-up needs to be pretty precise, so if you like the idea of eyeliner, practise, practise, practise. Start with a basic line from inner to outer corner, and then experiment with winged liner once you're comfortable with that. A good trick is to flick the corner of your wing up towards the top outer corner of your frames.

Banish darkness

Be sure to conceal under-eye circles or sallowness to keep those eyes looking bright behind your lenses. Remember, an under-eye concealer is different to concealer for your face. To effectively cover dark circles, it needs a hint of yellow or orange. Dab a little under your eyes in the shape of an upside-down triangle, and blend well before setting it with a dusting of translucent powder.

Accommodate your frames

Simple rule: the bigger the frame, the more "eye real estate" you have to play with. So if you wear glasses with small frames, stick to simple make-up, like a single shade all over your lids with a simple liner. If you wear big frames, you have more room to experiment with bolder colours or maybe a smoky eye.

You can also make the most of the under-eye area. If you're feeling ballsy, experiment with bold eyeliner or eyeshadow along your lower lashline, drawing it beyond the outer corners. So hip and chic!

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