Fashion designer Walter Kong shares his top style tips for guys

Fashion designer Walter Kong shares his top style tips for guys

Fashion isn't just for the girls; guys want to look good too! Designer Walter Kong shares his style tips for simple and classic looks


Walter Kong's style tips for guys are simple.
Walter Kong's style tips for guys are simple.

Walter Kong, one of the two designers behind local fashion brand Blind by JW, has always loved fashion. He has been a designer since he graduated from the Polytechnic University in Hong Kong in 2012. Kong sits down with Young Post to offer his expertise on boys' styling.

Must haves:

  • Invest in smart white shirts. They're good for formal occasions like an interview or fancy dinners, but can also be dressed down. Make sure they're your size and the collars sit right
  • Good black trousers that fit properly are essential for things like job interviews or fancy events. They should be long enough to sit over your heels but shouldn't touch the floor when you're standing up straight. Trousers so short you can see your socks when you walk look very untidy
  • Quality jeans - and not baggy ones - are long-lasting and can be worn on lots of occasions. The different washes they come in also tell others about the type of guy you are. Dark denim looks put-together, while faded denim can look more relaxed
  • A tailored jacket makes a formal outfit look extra classy, and can dress up an otherwise casual look. Just make sure it fits properly. It should sit comfortably on your shoulders. If there is too much room around your shoulders it's probably too big for you. The sleeves should reach the knuckle of your thumb when your arms are relaxed at your side. Any longer and it will hide the sleeves of your shirt inside; and any shorter and it'll show too much
  • A good pair of leather shoes - or just nice shoes that aren't trainers - can pull a whole look together. Take good care of your shoes; and never wear suede if it looks like it might rain!

"As long as you have these five items you can create any look by mixing and matching the different pieces for different situations," says Kong. "I think a nice white shirt with jeans is a great look for something like a date or semi-casual events. The jeans make you seem less dressed up and more approachable. If you want to make a statement, finish the look off with a really special pair of shoes - maybe something in an unexpected or contrasting colour."


How to dress to impress:

  • Don't go over the top! Some guys go too formal - suit, tie, tailored jacket - for events that aren't formal, and that can look silly
  • Dress with confidence. Be happy with what you're wearing and own your style
  • Everything must be clean and tidy! Nothing says "sloppy" and leaves a bad impression quite like wrinkled, dirty clothes
  • A cool T-shirt with jeans and a tailored jacket is a good balance between "I've put in some effort" and "I want to be comfortable"


Make a statement:

  • Invest in shoes in different colours and textures. They're a fun way to add colour or show your personality
  • Consider getting a good-looking wallet. A quality wallet will last you many years, and it's something that makes an impression when you take it out to pay for something
  • T-shirts don't get enough attention. Fun T-shirts can show a lot of your character and are just a good everyday item
  • Be creative with the lining of your jackets - if they're colourful or patterned, they show your personality. It's subtle but memorable



  • Don't overdress; it can be inappropriate and a bit odd
  • Do keep everything clean and well-kept. Even simple outfits look smart if they're clean
  • Be yourself. Dress in a way that represents you, and don't be afraid to stand out or to try different styles. Confidence is what makes an outfit!

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