You smell good, dude: top tips for cologne

You smell good, dude: top tips for cologne

Boys, we're not going to lie: there's something very nice about a guy who smells great. Cologne is a fantastic way to show off your personality or leave an impression. Here are some important things to keep in mind before you head out to look for a cologne that's "you"

How to wear cologne:

  • Don't overdo it! If you leave a trail of people gasping for breath as you walk by, you've put on too much. There are two ways to apply cologne:
    • Spray into the air in front of you once and walk through the mist
    • Apply to your pulse points: one spray for your throat or one spray on each of your wrists is quite enough
  • Never spray cologne onto one wrist and then rub your wrists together. The friction changes the scent
  • Cologne lasts longer on hydrated skin, so put unscented moisturiser on your wrists and throat before spraying on your fragrance if you're dry. Vaseline also does the trick

Dos and Don'ts:

  • Do change your cologne from season to season. Wear a fresher scent for summer, and a warmer one for winter
  • Don't water down your cologne to make the bottle last longer. It changes the scent and can stain your clothes
  • Do spend time searching for your "signature scent" that matches your personality and lifestyle if you want to wear the same fragrance all year round.
  • Don't think wearing cologne can replace showering every day. That's … just gross!


Consider these:

For the happy fella who brings joy to everyone he meets! The smell of citrus, lime and mandarin will bring a smile to your face - and everyone else's. (Clinique Happy for Men - 100ml, HK$415 at Clinique) 
The refreshing scent of mint and cedar leaves is perfect for the athlete who trains often. (Adidas Dynamic Pulse  - 100ml, HK$160  citywide)
Energetic and outdoorsy, this is for the adventurous dude. (Paul Smith Extreme Sport - 50ml, HK$420 at Paul Smith fragrance counters in LCX and Ocean Centre)
The powerful ocean captured in a bottle. Cedar, algae, moss and sand flowers evoke the scent of the sea, while bergamot and jasmine keep it fresh. A perfect first scent. (Biotherm Eau Océane - 100ml, HK$285 at Biotherm)


Vibrant and mellow at the same time, with hints of lemon and amber, this is for the chilled guy who's always on the go. (White Musk Sport - 100ml, HK$269  at The Body Shop)
Stylish and masculine, this warmer fragrance is better suited to a more mature, sophisticated guy. (David Beckham Classic Blue - 90ml, HK$376 at Sasa)
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