Guys' guide to a fresh face

Guys' guide to a fresh face

Boys, there's more to putting your best face forward than mastering your most winning smile. Proper skincare not only ensures your face looks and feels its best, it also prevents breakouts, dryness, and sun damage. Don't worry, skincare is easy peasy!

Your skin picks up a lot of dirt and grime throughout the day, and in a city like Hong Kong with higher levels of pollution, your pores can get pretty clogged.

Ideally, it's best to cleanse your skin in the morning and again at night. For the super lazy, at least try to cleanse your face at night!

A foam cleanser is a good option because you don't even need to work the product into a lather. Just wet your face, squeeze one to two pumps onto your fingers, rub it all over your face (keep your eyes closed), and then rinse it off. The product will clean the surface of your skin and remove the bacteria from your pores without leaving you feeling too dry.

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Toner is a great product for keeping your skin looking and feeling clearer and smoother, and it preps your skin for moisturiser.

During adolescence your skin is prone to hormonal and bacterial breakouts, but using an entire line of products - from cleanser to moisturiser - made to target acne can sometimes be too drying.

A toner with ingredients to battle breakouts, such as tea tree oil or witch hazel, can help prevent spots in a way that's gentle and non-dehydrating.

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Moisturising isn't only for hydrating or improving the texture of skin. A moisturiser actually creates a barrier between your skin and external pollutants, which helps reduce breakouts.

Use one that is very moisturising, and try to use it twice a day. Don't moisturise just before you cleanse your skin. Moisturising dirty skin will only trap bacteria in your pores. Instead, pat your skin dry with a towel after you cleanse it, and then gently smooth moisturiser all over your face. Let the product sink into your skin.

Not a fan of the texture of a creamy moisturiser? A gel one will feel more refreshing on your skin.

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A sunscreen will help ward off sun damage, which can cause dryness, redness, and dark spots on your skin.

Smoothing a lightweight sunscreen all over your face before you head out for the day will protect your skin.

If using a moisturiser and sunscreen feels too much for you, look for a moisturiser with SPF built in and use it during the day, but make sure to use one with no SPF in it at night. The ingredients that reflect sunlight and protect your skin from sun damage should not be left on your skin to clog your pores at night.

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Not only is it unsightly, but dry and cracked lips can be rather painful. Especially if you're eating something spicy and the chillies get on your chapped lips. Ouch!

Keep a lipbalm in your school bag or pocket and swipe on a coat whenever your lips feel dry, especially in winter.

Besides, moisturised lips means you can smile wider without risking another bloody crack on your lips. So, smile, because when you smile, the world smiles back at you!

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Guys' guide to a fresh face


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