Hair-care and styling 101 for boys

Hair-care and styling 101 for boys

Boys may not always have as much hair to take care of as most girls do, but it doesn't mean you can neglect it. Don't worry, taking care of your hair can be very simple, and Moko Hsu of L'Oréal Professionnel gave us her expert advice and some great tips


Moko Hsu is a Technical Manager at L'Oréal Professionnel, and says a few simple tips will keep your hair healthy and stylish.
Moko Hsu is a Technical Manager at L'Oréal Professionnel, and says a few simple tips will keep your hair healthy and stylish.

Moko's tips:

  • For anyone who doesn't want to spend a lot of time on their hair, keeping it clean is the most important thing. Clean looking hair, even without a cut or style, is still immediately pleasing to the eye.
  • Try to get a trim once a month, or at least every two months to avoid looking unkempt. Hair above your ears grows extra fast, and as soon as those bits grow too long, you'll start to look messy.
  • Boys' scalps are more prone to excess oil and sweat. Wash your hair with shampoo once a day to keep it clean.
  • Skin on your scalp is super sensitive. Don't wash it with extremely hot water, particularly during dry winter months, or you risk dehydrating your scalp.
  • Sporty guys, take heed: leaving your hair sweaty after a basketball game or the gym can breed germs on your scalp, so wash your hair as soon as you can after exercising. Also, try to avoid exercising with styling product in your hair, as the product can cause germs to clog your pores.

Hair SOS:

  • For clean, healthy hair, pair a nourishing shampoo with a conditioner formulated to target dandruff. This strikes the perfect balance between a thorough clean and keeping your hair and scalp moisturised.
  • Even if you have short hair, conditioner is important as it moisturises your scalp. Dryness is one of the biggest causes of dandruff.
  • Another major cause of dandruff is germs, which can be fixed by using a shampoo that's also made to target dandruff. But stop using it and switch back to a nourishing shampoo once the problem is gone. The ingredients used to kill the germs responsible for the little white flakes can dehydrate your hair and scalp if you continue to use it when you don't have dandruff.
  • The best way to use styling products while keeping your hair healthy is to limit yourself to washing your hair with shampoo and conditioner once a day. The best time to shampoo and condition is at night, as this will remove any product from your head. In the morning, before styling, all you need to do is to dampen your hair if required.
  • Most styling products are made to be somewhat water-resistant. So wash your hair thoroughly at night to avoid build-up over time, which can clog pores on your scalp and potentially lead to hair loss. If you use styling products regularly, invest in a deep cleansing shampoo and use it once a week, but no more than twice a week, to really remove any residual product.

Styling products basic knowledge:



Best for a very neat look with hair long enough for a part. A little of this product goes a long way. Just rub a small dollop between your fingers and finger comb through your hair. Apply to damp hair for better hold.




Best for soft, thin hair that is weighed down by any other product. Spray all over your hair once you've created the look you like, and it'll act like a net to make it hold its shape. Follow instructions on the bottle, and spray your hair from the distance recommended in the instructions.



Best for a casual, messy look, and for hair that isn't too thick or layered. However, its hold isn't very strong, so if you want the look to last all day, it can be paired with a spray after you've achieved the look you want.




Best for a tousled look for thicker hair. This is a matte product that has great hold but is very water resistant, and must be applied to dry hair. The texture allows you to tweak your look throughout the day should it get messed up. Bonus: it doesn't look like you're wearing any product.


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