Be inspired by fictional heroines: Beatrice Prior

Be inspired by fictional heroines: Beatrice Prior

If you're tired of being sorted into a narrow style box, maybe it's time to try something different. Just like Divergent's Beatrice Prior, it's ok to break out of the mould and explore another side of your fashion self. This week's fictional heroine makeover takes that fierce determination and independent thinking and brings it into a wearable, chic look


Photo: Suzanne Goodwin Photography


Photo: Suzanne Goodwin Photography


  • Beatrice's independent thinking and self-awareness give her an air of maturity. To capture this, keep make-up structured and chic, with flawless skin and strong black eyeliner.
  • The key to this look is subtlety. Less is more, so make sure your skin is clean and moisturised before you apply make-up. Blend your foundation well - start with a small amount, and build up if you need - and only use powder in areas where you tend to get oily or shiny.
  • Represent Beatrice's signature bird tattoo in your makeup with a timeless winged liner. By flicking it up toward the ends of your eyebrows, you can create a line that will be flattering for most eye shapes. It's also noticeable without being over-the-top.
  • Draw along your lash line using liquid eyeliner. If you have single lids, build up the line to your natural crease. If you have double lids, draw a thick line that is visible when your eyes are open. Then draw the wing by angling the liner up towards the end of your brow. Connect the curve of the flick to the main line, and smooth out any bumps.

Sleek winged eyeliner look tutorial:



  • Despite her complex personality, when it comes to looks, Beatrice rocks simplicity, with an undone ponytail. But you can make it a bit more edgy by keeping your pony slick and high. This is particularly flattering on girls with strong cheekbones and jawlines.
  • If your hair is naturally curly or wavy, blow dry it straight, and run straightening irons over it.
  • Smooth a small amount of gel all over the top of your head to slick down any loose ends, and keep things looking sleek. Then comb hair straight back and gather into a ponytail at the crown of your head. Tie tightly. Run any residue gel along the lengths of your ponytail.

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Make-up: Krystina Te Kanawa
Hair: Benjamin Amey and Rex Wong of Hollywood Hair
Wardrobe: Reverie
Stylists: Ariel Conant and Heidi Yeung
Photographer: Suzanne Goodwin Photography

Behind the scenes of the photoshoot

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