Be inspired by fictional heroines: Mystique

Be inspired by fictional heroines: Mystique

Everyone feels out of place at times: Who hasn't wished they could magically transform into someone else? The X-Men's Mystique is proudly unique, and a role model for anyone who's ever felt "different".We took inspiration from her stunning look and translated into a wearable style for this week's fictional heroine makeover


Photo: Suzanne Goodwin Photography


Bidhya Shrestha's piercing eyes and air of mystery give her Mystique's strong confidence, even before the makeover
Bidhya Shrestha's piercing eyes and air of mystery give her Mystique's strong confidence, even before the makeover
Photo: Suzanne Goodwin Photography


  • What makes Mystique so, well, unique is that stunning blue. It makes her stand out, and she wears it with red-carpet confidence. A thick liner is the perfect way to adapt that attention-grabbing hue into a wearable look; paired with a bright red lip, it captures Mystique's confidence.
  • To make blue the main focus of your look, apply it in a straight line, rather than following the shape of your eye. Draw a nice, thick line that will make your eyes pop, and also keep things clean and sleek - just like our slinky heroine. You can line the bottom lashline in purple to make the blue pop even more.
  • Don't be shy about that red lip! Go bold, and find the right shade for you. For a smooth application, prep your lips: apply lip balm, then blot it off after 10 minutes. Apply your lip colour with a brush, and blot again. Place a one-ply tissue over your lips and lightly dust translucent powder on top - a great trick for keeping the colour brighter, longer.

Mystique is always calm and collected, which is what makes her so strong and brilliantly dangerous. Her sophisticated, slick look is perfect for the red carpet.

The most challenging part of this look is getting the quiff high and even, but also balanced on the sides so it doesn't look too over-done. The height should flatter your face shape, so experiment until you find what works best for you.

For this look, you'll need bobby pins, a hair clip and a pintail comb.

For the quiff: section off the front part of your hair and clip it out of the way. Then use the pintail comb to smooth the sides of your hair flat against your head. Secure in place with bobby pins.

Next, backcomb two-finger-wide sections of your hair, working from one side of the head to the other. Backcomb by lifting a section of hair straight in the air and combing from the middle of the hair down to the scalp.

Finish by using the pintail comb to gently brush the hair back and smooth the whole look out.

Tip: Keep the pintail comb wet while you're working, to keep your look slick.

Must-have product: Soft-hold hairspray

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Make-up: Krystina Te Kanawa
Hair: Benjamin Amey and Rex Wong of Hollywood Hair
Wardrobe: Reverie
Stylists: Ariel Conant and Heidi Yeung
Photographer: Suzanne Goodwin Photography

Behind the scenes of the photoshoot

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