The Prom Issue: The time of your life

The Prom Issue: The time of your life

Prom, grad, end-of-year dinner: these evenings are the highlights of the school year, and should be a night to remember. We're put together some advice for before, during and after, to make sure everyone has the best time possible!

Before Prom

- If you're asking a date to prom, be clear and direct. Avoid that "maybe ..."or "if you want ..." nonsense. But remember to be polite whether your invitation is accepted or declined. You'll have just as much fun hanging with friends as you would with one special person.

- Same if you're rejecting someone's invitation: be nice. There's really no need to be mean.

- Remember to charge your camera so you'll have great prom snaps to share.

- Practise taking selfies - you know everyone is doing the same!

- Have a slumber party the night before! Have fun doing masques, practising your make-up looks, figuring out your best camera angles, or practising your dance moves so you'll be ready if an impromptu dance-off ensues.

- If you're into little projects, plan a photo album or video. You can share it later on Facebook or WhatsApp.

At prom

- Make every effort to be the perfect date: boys, be chivalrous any way you can. Ladies, be polite and acknowledge your date's effort.

- Good table manners may seem old-fashioned, but they make dinner more pleasant for everyone. Don't chew with your mouth open, or talk with a mouth full of food. Don't wave your cutlery around in the air, use your napkin, and ask to be excused if you need to leave the table.

- Unless the food is served buffet-style, wait for everyone at your table to be served before you start eating.

- Don't check your phone during dinner. After all, once you've graduated, it may be months or even years before you see these people again! Enjoy the evening and each other's company.

- If you're there with a date, make an effort to check he or she is having fun, too. No one wants to remember their prom as "The Night My Date Completely Forgot About Me".

- Break out those dance moves you've been practising and get your friends in on the fun!

- Try not to bump into those waiters helping make your night so special when you're snapping photos or selfies.

- Enjoy yourself! Make memories! Smile!

After prom

- If you had a date, thank him or her for being part of your prom night. It's just common courtesy.

- Make sure you do everything possible to help your date get home by their curfew.

- Be a hero among your friends and put together a photo album of the night you can share. (Don't be mean and share embarrassing photos, though!)

- Your parents may not say it, but they'll want to know you had a good time. Share with them a little about your prom. Trust us, it will give them the warm fuzzies that you want to share it with them. They were young once, too - let them relive a little!


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