The Prom Issue: Outfits for every budget

The Prom Issue: Outfits for every budget

A girl's worst prom nightmare is turning up in the same dress as someone else. The horror! Luckily, there are plenty of amazing dresses and gowns this season, and there is sure to be one that suits you perfectly.

Alternatively, if you can't justify spending so much money on a dress you'll wear only once, there are ways to put together prom-worthy outfits you can work into your everyday wardrobe. You just need to be creative.

Of course, everyone has a different budget. So, below are dresses and re-wearable outfits in three different price ranges for you to be inspired by!

Under HK$400

When you’re working with a smaller budget, it’s good to go for a dress that has nice little details, like a pretty lace trim, or a fun pop of colour.


Look for dresses that are simpler in cut and colour, these are basic items you can glam up with unexpected accessories – like a harness necklace – but that you can definitely wear again. Just swap heels for flats, and wear the funky jewellery with jeans and a plain white tee or singlet.



Look for dresses that are made of a finer material, or has eye-catching embellishments. When you’re able to spend a little more, you really want your ensemble to look luxe!

Prom doesn’t have to be just about dresses. If you’re more comfortable rocking a nice pair of trousers with a glitzy top, go for it! Dress down a fancy top with jeans, or a patterned skirt with a cool graphic tee.



You can afford to splurge on your dress? Lucky ducky! In that case, go all out and experiment with cuts and fabrics that most flatter your body. At this price range, there are some gowns that drape beautifully.


When you can spend around this amount, you can invest in a few super nice items you can wear again to another occasion, like a wedding. For the rest of the time, dress down anything sparkly – like the embellished bolero or skirt – with basic cuts and materials. And pair statement jewellery with denim and plain coloured cotton. Effortless, yet put-together.


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